Wednesday, September 27, 2006

God Is Everywhere
Jesus image found in dog's butt

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

TV Alert!

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I watch a lot of TV. It's about time they let me on it. If you live in Chicago you can catch me on the WTTW-11 show Check Please! My episode, recorded in June, is airing the first weekend of October.

I'll be on Check Please! :
Friday October6 at 8 pm
Saturday October 7 at 4:30 pm
Sunday October 8 at 10:30 pm

Thursday, September 21, 2006

And I'm Telling You
Only 94 days left before Dreamgirls opens.
Guten Tag Bitches
I'm back from Deutschland and I am so full. Full of wonder at the beautiful German countryside; full of joy to be back home; and of course, full of schnitzel and wursts.

It was such a bittersweet trip. Steve 's mother became very ill in July. He had to move her into a nursing home. He had to take care of closing up his mother's apartment. I went along to help and support. One should never tell a ladies age but I will say that Steve's mother is an octogenarian. She suffered a stroke and is now confined to bed. Life can be a bitch. You live so long and then what? Illness, pain, suffering, and death.

I know all this sounds dark and dramatic but you should know that our trip was anything but dark. As a matter of fact, it was literally brighter there than Chicago. It was sunny and 80 degrees nearly everyday. It rained one day and was overcast another but the other seven days were brilliant.

Speaking of dark, this was my second trip to a German speaking country. I performed in Austria in 2004. Unlike my Austrian trip, no one called me a "Nigger" or "Scwhartze" while I was in Germany. Although, everyone in town knew that I was there. I teased Steve daily that he should try to blend in more with the locals like I was doing. Of course, there are plenty of dark skinned Germans like this cutie or this homophobic jerk. The US military has been based in Germany for over 60 years plus there are Africans and Turks. But not very many(honestly, I didn't see any) in Kelkheim, the small country town about 20 miles from Frankfort, where Steve and I stayed. It should be noted that my outrageously nappy hair ruled me out as military personnel.

I didn't see a lot of Brothas in Germany but I did see (and eat) a lot of food and beer. I quit drinking back in July, except for Champagne, but I suspended that choice in order to partake in some of the greatest libations on the planet. There is nothing like a good pilsner and a schnitzel. And of course, there are the many wursts, hams, and sausages. I also enjoyed many pommes frites, dumplings, and spaetzle. And the plus was that I only gained one pound while I was gone.

Being in the country didn't give us very many night life options. I watched a lot of German TV. Many of you are saying, "don't you watch a lot of TV now?" And the answer is yes, but this was German TV. Many of the programs were dubbed American shows but I loved seeing the German produced shows. Although, the German dubbed version of "High School Musical" was a revelation. I also watched a lot of German MTV which included the UK version of "Pimp My Ride." That was delightful. And I fell in love with German Hip-Hop. In particular, I discovered the great and soulful sounding Jan Delay and hip and street Kool Savas.

To be continued

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Something to Think About Besides 9/11

The return of the Numa Numa guy. Although, nothing beats the original.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Gone Fishin'

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I have been very lax in my posting since Steve and I broke up. I don't know if the break-up is a direct factor in my new bogging aversion. I've just noticed that is when I stopped doing this regularly.

So, I have a lot of catching up to do before I go to Germany this weekend.

Let's start with the trip to Germany. Steve's (yes, the one I used to date) mother lives in Germany. She became very ill two months ago and Steve had to move her into a nursing home. He needs to return to Germany and close up her old apartment. He needs a friend to help so he asked me to accompany him. Despite our break up, Steve has been wonderful to me and if he ever needs me, I am available for him...Especially if a free plane ticket to Germany is involved. So, I will be out of the country. ALERT TO WOULD BE ROBBERS: We have a house-sitter, two tame but loud dogs, and nosy lesbian neighbors.

So, we leave for Germany on Sunday but Saturday is the "Wedding of the Year." Rebecca, my Straight & Nappy partner, is getting married tomorrow. I don't go to a lot of weddings. I don't like them. It bothers me that as a gay person I am excluded from the right to do it. I also think the whole spectacle wedding is antiquated and stupid. Marriage is not religious. It is a legal agreement between two people. There are certain rights and privileges that you receive once you get married. That's it. If there is a god, I find it hard to believe that he cares whether or not someone gets married or not. God, one would think, should be more worried about poverty, war, and disease than bridal registries. Rebecca's wedding IS NOT in a church. It IS going to be a big and expensive affair. Her bridal registries (there are four) are full of assorted items that I refuse to purchase for my friend. I have a rule. Once you reach 27, don't expect me to buy you silverware. Instead, Steve designed and crafted a beautiful and personalized cutting board and two rolling pins.

Ok. I'm done with wedding rant. I don't want my last entry to be about that.

So, let's talk about my upcoming move to LA. I am getting more and more excited about the very idea but it seems that certain forces are conspiring to keep me in the Windy City. Yesterday, I taped three test shows for a new local children's show. It went really well. And if the final money offer is good enough, I may stay.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feeling Groggy
I had a fairly good Labor Day Weekend. I got to see my elusive friend Tchad. I got to hang with some of the Ya-Yas. Speaking of Ya-Yas, I have to send a special congats out to LL Cool P for the successful opening of her show this past Friday. She worked really hard and created something new. Congrats LL Cool P.

I spent part of the holiday weekend feeling crappy. It is the height of allergy season and I am losing the battle with weeds and pollen. I take a lot of Benedryl and I am groggy all the time. Drugs are supposed to be fun. Right?