Sunday, September 26, 2004

I rented a van and moved all my stuff yesterday but the whole moving experience seems to go on and on. Today I have to go back to my old apartment and clean it. I want my deposit back dammit.

I love my new place in Rogers Park. This apartment is located further north and west than any of my other Chicago residences but it comes with cable, wash/dry, internet access, and two dogs. I like it. Besides I needed a change. Change is good.

Friday, September 17, 2004

A note from RuPaul
Pumpkin,I really need you. On Tuesday, September 21, 2004, I will release my long awaited CD "RuPaul Red Hot." This album is being released on my own label which means I don't have a lot of the resources and muscle that the giant mega-companies have to launch their product. I am truly an underdog here. This album is a labor of love and my gift to you. Having said that, this labor of love has been a very expensive one. That's why I need your help, I need you to beckon its arrival from the highest rooftops to the outermost corners of the world. Tell your friends, family, girlfriends, cousins and tricks, everyone you can think of to go out and buy my new album or to order it online. Unfortunately, the success of this album will be determined in the market place by the amount of sales I can rack up in its first week of release. That's why I need you now more than ever before. I've you've ever loved me or admired my ground-breaking achievements, please buy my new album, in fact buy 2 or 3. Let's show these giant mega-companies that you have a voice and that their bland marketing survey results don't reflect your tastes.

Loving you constantly, endlessly,

P.S. You can also download the remixes and the album version of my single; "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous" at iTunes and Napster...

Friday, September 10, 2004

Blasphemy for beginners
Jesus F-in' Christ
Changing seasons
I can not believe that summer is over. I know Autumn officially begins September 22nd but in Chicago, it begins to cool down the first week of September. Having said that, it is supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny today in Chicago.

I am temping at the big ad agency today. I love coming here. Of all the offices that I have done temp work, this is by far my favorite. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and everybody seems to remember me from my brief stint last spring.

There are so many things to address right now. I am a little under the gun right now. I am moving in two weeks. I am letting a room from a director friend that lives in West Rogers Park. Rogers Park is the farthest Northern neighborhood in the city of Chicago. I have never lived this far north or west in Chicago. I am a bit scared because I am just starting to like my Uptown digs. The reason for the move is to save money by sharing my friend's condo (which includes washer/dryer, digital cable, two dogs, and unlimited internet access). And knowing my friend, I am sure there will be a fair share of nude and semi-nude twinks (he likes 'em young).

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Urban Tea Lounge
I have spent two and one half years living in the Buena Park/Uptown neighborhood in Chicago. I have to be honest and say that this neighborhood has been my least favorite Chi-town locale. Uptown has far too many homeless and crackheads and not enough shops. It also has its fair share of single gay men. It was a late afternoon tryst with one of these men that lead me to The Urban Tea Lounge .

The Urban Tea Lounge is located at 838 W Montrose. It is a laidback storefront cafe with several varieties of black, green, white, herbal and blended teas. They also have a small but inexpensive menu of sandwiches, scones, and other baked goods.

The place is cute and the owners are very friendly. The staff (which is small) is attentive yet laid back. In the 11 days or so that I have known of its existence, I have patronized the place nearly everyday. The tea is top quality with enough variety to satisfy the pickiest of palettes. My particular favorite is the Pagan Alms blend of green tea, chocolate, and vanilla. It is deliciously decadent tasting but wonderfully good for you. I can also recommend any of the Oolongs on the menu.

It should be noted that you can still have a decent cup of coffee here. There coffee comes from Intelligentsia.