Thursday, May 27, 2004

A little Kander and Ebb on Thursday
When it all come true
Just the way you planned
It's funny but the bells don't ring
It's a quiet thing
When you hold the world
In your trembling hand
You think you'd hear a choir singing
But it's a quiet thing
There are no exploding fire works
Where's the roaring of the crowd
Maybe it's the strange new atmosphere
Way up here among the clouds

Happiness comes in on tiptoe
Well, what do you know
It's a quiet thing
A very quiet thing...

Congratulations Fantasia. Posted by Hello
Just because the Idol is over doesn't mean that we can't still be tortured by the worst singers in America at this site that features the American Idol Audition Kit

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Did ya hear
MTV has got a gay network
The More You Have the More You Get
This rule is so true, isn't it. 3 months ago I quit my job. I immediately started the hunt for the next job. I auditioned for something new nearly every week. I was just offered a gig for next week but guess what? I have to be honorable and a man of my word and come into work as the "number cruncher." I have to turn down the day's work in order to take 3 months worth of work. If I was starving and needed that acting job, I would have never landed it. It is funny how that works.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Get that Sperm a drink
Boy born from 21-year-old sperm - May 25, 2004
Definately a Good Witch

One of the many fond memories I have of performing in the West End was working with Carole Shelley.

Monday, May 24, 2004

All Hail the King
This weekend, I rented The Richard Pryor Show on DVD. I loved it. You always hear people talk about shows being ahead of its time but this show really delivers in that category. There are scenes that would have trouble passing the censors today. I can't believe that this show ever aired, especially on NBC in 1977 (including a scene where a woman describes a lesbian tryst she had in the park with one of her neighbors).

There are only 4 episodes because Mr. Pryor quit because of the battles with censors. Richard Pryor is a genius and his supporting cast includes Paul Mooney, Sandra Bernhardt, Tim Reid, Jimmy Martinez, John Witherspoon, Shirley Hemphill, LaWanda Page, Marsha Warfield, and Robin Williams.
People just don't seem to like the gays
What is wrong with people?

Happy Birthday to the one and only Patti Labelle. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 21, 2004

Religious Materials
I come from a very religious family. From time to time I receive some of the stupidest faith based emails from them. Next time I receive some dumb ass inspirational story or such, I am going to send them one of these. While we are on the subject, why do you need an account for a religious ministry website?

I love Drag Queens Posted by Hello
Not what I thought at all - Kerry camp makeup criticized - Apr 29, 2004
Did I miss something?
Get Out Your Boards: Extreme Ironing May Soon Be Hot

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Petty Shit
I love the idea of chivalry BUT.....many of the customs are so out-dated and not useful in present day society. I have noticed in the 4 weeks that I have worked in the Sears Tower that women are offended if you don't let them exit the elevator first. In this day and age that women are fighting to be equals, somethings need to give. It seems to me that customs such as allowing a lady to go before you is another heterosexual rite. As a gay man, the whole idea is stupid to me. I am not trying to bed any woman (although I would love to have a sleepover with Tina Fey). I have deadline and schedules to keep. So many times I have allowed some woman to exit before me only to have her walk at the slowest pace possible in front of me. when I am ready to go -- I am ready to go.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls is a great movie. I actually laughed out loud several times. Mean Girls receives two big ups from me.
J. Anthony Brown is Gay
I am so tired of comics using homophobia as an easy laugh. I am a daily listener to the Tom Joyner Morning Show. It is a great chance for me to stay abreast with what is on the mind of Black America. They also play some of my favorite R & B tunes. I have to tell you though, I am tired, tired, tired, tired, tired of cheap jokes at the expense of gays. J. Anthony Brown is a comic that almost on a daily basis questions makes a gay joke. If he is not making fun of gays directly, then he is speculating on whether someone is gay. I don't know people but where I'm from, the dudes that talked the most about gays usually turned out to be gay. I don't care how many white girls you drape on your arm, if you are that obsessed with gays...You must be gay. So, I welcome my newest black sister to the fold. J. Anthony Brown come on down, you are so gay. *JOKES PEOPLE JOKES*

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Motown 45 was a disaster. The best thing about the whole night was Ms. Knight. Gladys Knight is a true star. She always has been and always will be. The rest of the lot was pathetic. Wayne Brady...please, please, please don't do another Stevie Wonder classic ever again. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 17, 2004

Ugly is too entertaining Posted by Hello
Gay Marriage
Everyone will be writing ad nasuem about this subject so I might as well throw in my $.02 on the matter. I officially came out in 1991. I first told my friend Steve in that spring, followed by everyone at NIU , where I attended grad school that fall. I came out to my family that winter and I have never had a closeted day since. I never thought about gay marriage. I have to be honest and say that in the early 90s, I never heard anyone talk about gay marriage. The debate wasn't whether gay marriage will happen or not. There was no debate. It was a non-issue. Hats off to the courts in Massachuttes. However, let us not forget that most Americans live with this reality.
The carnival and street festival season has begun in Chicago. Just yesterday, my friend Dawn and one of her ya-yas took me to a carnival at a public park. I had a corn dog, a trip one the tilta-whirl, a funnel cake, another ride, more tilta-whirl, another ride, more tilta-whirl, and then I felt sick. It was great. I couldn't stop laughing.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Mary J will perform at the Tonys? OK?!?. Posted by Hello
Website of the Day
Even Abe Lincoln?
I still hate Republicans
The first gay bar I ever went to was Buddies which closed last month. When I came out in 1991 I was 22 going on 23. I lived in DeKalb, IL and was a first year grad student at Northern Illinois University. At the time, I was fairly inexperienced in most things in life. My life had been sheltered and my experiences retarded by an overbearing, oppressive, and religious upbringing. That year, in that place, I met a man by the name of Michael Pallansch. Michael was such a sweetheart and he was out and bold. He was from Minnesota and had come to DeKalb via Upper Wisconsin.

One night, Michael suggested that we drive into the city and go to a gay bar. Neither one of us knew much about Chicago but I was game for leaving the cornfields and hitting the big city that has now become my home for 10 years.

Michael and I set out with very sketchy directions about getting to "Boys Town." We knew to exit Lake Shore Drive at Belmont and not to go past Clark St. I think Michael and I drove around for a good 45 minutes wondering if we were in the right place and trying to figure out where to park. I had seen an ad for Buddies in a gay rag so when we saw the sign on the corner of Clark and Aldine, I knew we should park and go inside. Michael and I had a great dinner and drinks. We also shared something special that night. That night I kissed a man on the lips in public for the first time ever. It doesn't seem like such a big deal but at the time it was so liberating.

Michael and I broke up at the end of the at first year of grad school. Michael moved back north. I think he lives in Minneapolis now. I finished grad school and moved to Chicago. I have been to Buddies several times since that first experience with Michael but none will ever be as sweet as the first. Every time I went to Buddies in the last 10 years, I can't help but remember the innocence and joy of that night with Michael. I will miss you Buddies.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I was just talking about this subject last night.
Rainbow Network

Hey Fatty!  Posted by Hello
Wow that is one fat ass raccoon
Chicago Tribune | Rotund raccoon's record life ends

Pip in 10 years Posted by Hello
Sammy Davis Jr. is a personal hero but if he were a contestant on the Idol, he would have never made it. Of course, if it had not been for performers like Davis, you would NEVER see blacks and whites on the same stage with equal billingSammy Davis Jr. Dies at 64; Top Showman Broke Barriers
Idol Chatter
Okay, bad choice America. Really bad choice. LaToya London was my number one pic from the final 32 shows I remember how great she looked. She had poise; she dressed great; and a flawless sound. When the final 12 was assembled, she was my star pic and Jennifer Hudson was my heart pic. (NOTE:they never really showed LaToya in the preliminaries but they showed Jennifer a lot and I loved her). Around week 3 or 4, I was temping at the Big Ad Agency, I was discussing the Idol with one of the employees of the Big Ad Agency and he was disgusted that I wasn't a huge Fantasia Barrini fan. I vowed to give Fantasia another once over and that is when I fell in love with Fantasia. I can't believe that LaToya would finish anywhere below second place but I don't worry for her. Like Hudson, she will probably get a better recording contract then one that the Idol offers.

Other Idol Notes
Let me preface this by saying that I love Donna Summer but last night she looked like a line backer in a wig. That suit was unflattering and that wig...that wig has had its last dance (I hope).

Jasmine Trias is not white
For those of you Black people that are out there saying that Idol is racist, get over it. The winners are chosen by vote. I don't understand why people choose who they choose. I have heard people say that they don't like Fantasia because she is too sassy when she gets her critique. Hey, I think that is a stupid reason not to vote for her but this is America and they have the right to believe what they want, even if it is stupid.

PS Black America, Jasmine Trias is Hawaiian. Not white. Stop showing your ignorance by calling her white.

Today is the birthday of three distinguished men I love:
Armistead Maupin, Stevie Wonder, and Bea Arthur.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Don't you see Tennessee?
Isn't the name Dollywood Gay enough?
David Reimer, RIP
I remember seeing Mr. Reimer on several talk shows. He was handed such a hard hand and he dealt with it. Unfortunately, he had so many tragedies in the last few years.

John Whitehead, RIP
R & B legend (Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, Backstabbers, I'll Always Love My Mama)was murdered.

I Hate Republicans
I don't need to remind myself but it is good to say it aloud (or in song)from time to time.

Coolest White Woman Ever
I am so glad that Teena Marie is back and still kickin' it old skool style.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Real World Kansas
People are still getting in trouble for this?

Good Bye A**Hole
I never thought I could find relief in the death of another. Apperantly, I can.

Nappy No More
Is this really a problem?

Think Pink
When I was a little kid, no one wore pink but women and sissies. These days pink belongs to the straight guy. What happened?

Hey Ma, Hey Pa
Damn, I was looking forward to this.

When Pigs Fly
When will my best friend finish his website?

Monday, May 10, 2004

I got new headshots recently. Here I am below.

Pip LillY:Still in Showbiz but now I am serious Posted by Hello

Pip Lilly:Smile, I'm in showbiz Posted by Hello
Gay Marriage
I am behind in some of my reading. Here is an article that has been on my list but I just got to it. It is fucked up.
This past weekend was very lackluster. Several things happened but I don't know if any are blogworthy. Of course, having said that, I am going to be on a ramble now.

Game Night
Paul S invited me over on Saturday night to hang with him, his brother, his sister, and his bro's girlfriend. We played the game Cranium. I was a Cranium virgin but we all took to the game pretty quickly. It should be noted that Paul S. is not a gamer by anyone's definition. He is soooo sweet and nice and protective...OF THE OTHER TEAM. Listen up everyone, if you don't play by the rules then you are not playing the game.

It was great to hang out with Paul and his family. He and I have created a lot of history in the 3 years that we have known each other. If I am not mistaken. He and I met about 3 years ago this month. I took him to a party on Gay Pride Day that same year. He surprised me the day of the party when he invited his brother to come along. The party was held at my friend Tim's apartment overlooking the parade route. It was at that same party that Paul's brother met his current girlfriend.

Fuck L.A., Only in NYC
Hugs anyone?

Alan King, RIP
I never even got to attend a roast.

Broadway Baby
The 2004 Tony Award nominations were announced this morning. Alas, I did not make the list. Where is Carole Shelley's name?

Friday, May 07, 2004

I have been waiting all week to write. I hate when I get too busy. This past week I was ill for most of the week so I was a day behind for the rest of the week. I never did figure out what was wrong with me but it is safe to say that I felt like pure dogshit. I even missed a performanc on Tuesday. The whole time that I worked for The Second City, I never once missed a performance. This past week just couldn't be helped. You know that feeling you have after the flu. Groggy, extreme fatigue, sore, etc. That is how I felt all week until yesterday.

Everyone was telling me, "oh, you're just tired," or "you just did too much over the weekend." Well, you know what? I know my body and this was more than "just tired."

Goodbye George Huff. You done good boy! Now it is all down to the ladies. I love it. I love a woman who can sing (or sang, as they used to say at my church). My pick is Fantasia, all the way.

I am saying this today but by the time the evening comes, I will have changed my point of view. I need a break from boys. More specifically, I have got to stop looking at every guy I see. I'm starting to think of myself as uncool. I don't know, I must have been just born a horny dog but boys, boys, boys, boys, boys. STOP IT.

I watched the series finale last night. I will admit it now to the world, I cried. I was so touched by the performances and there were some really funny bits. And this is so wrong but I cried when Ross and Rachel got together. It was the most romantic thing I have ever seen on TV.

My temp position is rolling along. I am a finance person for the next three months. It really is too bad that I can't seem to get my own finances in order but hopefully job will do a lot towards changing that. Today no one is in the office except construction workers. The entire office is out doing volunteer work. They asked me would I mind being the receptionist for the day. Of course I don't mind making 40% more (I get more money because I am in finance vs. reception) sitting here answering phones for an office that is closed. That sounds like my dream job. The dream sucks. I am basically manning an office by myself. I have to answer phones, check the mail, mail out checks, answer questions for the construction guys and I haven't had a break in 5 1/2 hours and my day isn't over for another 4 1/2 hours. Isn't that illegal? Oh Lordy, I done angered you Lordy and now I be in administrative hell Lordy!

Down Low
In case you are not a Black man or you don't watch Oprah (no way I just tied those two groups together), there is thing called the Down Low or the DL. Basically, these are closeted men but it goes further because most of them have unprotected sex and many are putting themselves, and the women that love them, at a high risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV and AIDS. As an openly gay black man it is dificult for me to look the other way. I have been debased and put down my entire life by these DL brothers, many of whom are terribly homophobic. It is time for the African-American community to be honest and forthright in matters of health and sexuality. The statistics of new HIV cases is abnormally high among Af-Americans especially women. Something is very very wrong. Many Af-Americans are quick to attend church every Sunday where they jump for joy, sing in the choir, and yell "amen" to the preacher. "Oh Lord," many cry, "forgive me for my sins." The biggest sin is to sit in silence when a serious health issue is at a crisis. The real sin is the hypocrite that looks me in my eye and shuns me because I am gay and not masculine enough for their taste. The same guy still would sleep with me in a bathhouse, no questions asked. I have spotted so many DL Church Boys on the rare occasion that I do go out. Most of the Af-American DL Church Boys I see in Chicago live on the far South Side and South suburbs. They travel up to the North side in order to find sex and so that no one from there church will know. I know boys. I know and I am tellin'