Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Happy Birthday Dad
Today would have been my Dad's 54th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. Wherever the fuck you are. I wish you were still around.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I get up feeling fine this morning. That may seem like a cliche but I always wake up feeling slightly shitty...regardless of my behavior the night before. So, I got up, shat, showered and shaved.

I have an audition this morning. Nothing specific, just a general audition for a well-respected regional theatre in Chicago. I was high last night so I made sure to choose my clothes before I went to bed so that I wouldn't have to make decisions in my morning fog. Always a good idea I think.

About an hour into my day, I had to use the bathroom to rid myself of the two bowls of oatmeal and three cups of hot tea. That is when I noticed that I wasn't wearing a belt. This is not the end of the world, I know. I want get shuffled off at my auditions because I am not wearing a belt. But I did feel the need to reprimand myself for being so fashionistically careless. "Oh, you idiot!" I said aloud. Thinking about my black belt at home made me utter, "how did I let that little black thing get away from me?"

That is when I heard someone sniffle in another stall. I was not alone. Someone overheard me (and my voice is definately dinstinctive) in the stall talking about my "black thing". This should be a good week.

Friday, August 20, 2004

In the name of the...
Aren't we done with religion yet?New York Daily News - Breaking News - 8-year-old girl's Holy Communion invalidated by Church
I totally voted for you Fantasia
NC makes Saturday Fantasia Barrino Day
Beautylicious Booty
Wow! Who knew that you could make so much money by stealing my look Beyonce.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

New York City Boys
Let's run down the good stuff from last week.

First, there was Wednesday. I got to sleep in late because I didn't have to show up at the crap temp job. It was my standard travel day (similar to my Second City TourCo days). My bag was packed from the night before so I did a classic "wake and bake". I made my way down to Paul S' apartment so that I could feed his cats and water his plants before I left. From there I picked up some delicious Fannie May Chocolates for my best friend Dan G in Brooklyn.

I made it to the airport and was so excited when I was upgraded to first class. This is going to be an awsome trip! So I thought. Turns out that because of rain on the East coast my flight was cancelled. So I rebooked another flight. I did meet Mark Wolov. He is the brother of Julia Wolov, who used to work at Second City. I also met Savion Glover, who was stranded in Chicago after his flight was cancelled. I couldn't get first class but Savion did. No worries because I was on my way to New York City.

I arrived at LaGuardia, jumped in a cab, hit the BQE and landed in Brooklyn. It was great to see Dan. It is difficult when your best bud lives so far away. We talk on the phone nearly nightly but there is nothing like good face time with someone who gets you.

I woke up around 10 am and watched some Six Feet Under from this season. That was a treat. I then got dressed, got on a subway and headed for Central Park. In the park I watched the Broadway softball league play. My friend Jennifer H was playing with the team from the show De La Guarda. Little did I know that I would be seeing these guys the very next night in their show.

I spent a good part of the day in the park. The weather was perfect and my outfit was kicky and cute. I talked to all kind of actors about what it was like being in New York. Everyone had valuable things to tell me.

After De La Guarda lost two games that day they were eliminated from the tourney. Jennifer and I went on a short shopping trip to get Jennifer a new shirt and then we headed to McHales to meet Dan and his friend Matt for burgers and a beer. I always wanted Jennifer and Matt to meet so this was perfect. They loved each other of course.

After dinner, Dan, Matt, and I headed to my first surprise show, Caroline or Change. I will talk about the shows individually later. An old acquaintance, Kerry Riffle was in the audience. I got to talk to Kerry, who now lives in NYC, after the show. Dan, Matt, Matt's friend Sara, and I walked around New York for about an hour and then Dan and I headed back to Brooklyn. I watched more Six Feet Under and the finale of Last Comic Standing.

I got up and put together another cute outfit and headed to the Meat Packing District for brunch with Colleen McHugh at Pastis (Very Sex and The City). I love Colleen. She has this incredible voice and she is so funny. She is also the best fag hag Chicago has ever seen. When she used to live here and we toured together for Second City. I really loved seeing her in New York.

After Colleen and I walked around for a bit I headed back to Dan's place. Dan and I took what seemed like the longest subway ride to Coney Island. Coney Island!!! I can't say enough about our trip to Coney Island. I had fun like I was 10 years old. I rode the roller coaster and ate Nathan's hot dogs. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Leaving Coney Island we took an even longer ride to the city so we could go to show #2 which turned out to be De La Guarda. Jennifer met us after the show and we went to XL lounge for two of the strongest drinks in New York. From there it was back to Union Square to hang out with the De La Guarda cast. I was a bit tipsy but we ended up at some see and be seen breeder joint. Dan and I left and took a cab across the Brooklyn Bridge and after another episode of Six Feet Under I went to bed.

This was a tough day because of the day before. I was slow moving and lacking energy. We went to our friend Ruth and Adam's place to see their 5 month old Abigal. She was adorable until she shit all over the place. She literally had shit in her belly button but just like a good baby, she smiled and laughed. I wish I could just shit my pants and smile.

Dan gave me a tour through Brooklyn Heights and then we headed to Harlem. I had never been to Harlem but now I have been to THE Apollo Theatre.

We made our way back to Union Square and to a restaraunt where Dan's friend Jeff works. We met Ruth (sans shitty baby) and had dinner. After dinner, the three of us walked to the West Village smoking weed all the way there on our way to show #3, The Mariajuana-logues. After the show, we ate Hagen-Daas and let Ruth get home to her husband and baby.

For Dan and I there was more walking. Even though it started to rain, we just kept walking. It was wonderful. Even though it was Saturday night, we decided to call it a night and head back to Dan's so I could finish up my Six Feet Under marathon followed by an Upright Citizen's Brigade marathon (how much do I love that Amy Poehler?).

A few short hours later a car was waiting to take me to the airport and back to Chicago.

When I first became an actor 20 years ago I learned two lessons:
1. Don’t step on another actor’s line
2. Just say no to Equity Waiver

Now I have another lesson that I have learned…don’t take long term temp work. I have been on this stupid crap job since mid-April and I am in the last week (I jump this taco stand next Wednesday) and I have senioritis in the worst way. I don’t feel like doing the auditing and typing. I don’t care if this business falls and crumbles to the ground (as long as it doesn’t actually fall and actually crumble while I am physically in the building).

What do I care about: Star and Al

Monday, August 16, 2004

Shows I Saw in NYC
De La Guarda
Caroline, or Change
I am back from New York City. I will go on and on and on about it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Monday, August 09, 2004

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Pip Style)
The Amazing Race is the best reality show on TV in my opinion. It basically is several two-person teams racing around the world for a cash prize. It is adventurous and there is no pandering for the camera. The contestants have to stay focus or they will lose the race.

About three or four weeks ago my friend Paul S got turned on to The Amazing Race. I have been a fan season the first season. Paul asked me if I wanted to form a team. Well...of course I do. We had to download the application of the web and answer this personality profile, as well as provide photos, proof of passport and a 3 minute video.

The profile was fun. It was cool to answer such probing questions such as "what is your favorite movie?" or "How did you and your partner meet?" The most dificult questions to answer for me were "What is the biggest disappointment you have experienced from your teammate?" and "What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?" I really didn't know how to answer these questions. The first seems so personal and I try to shy away from that kind of stuff becuase when I do answer, I answer way too honestly. The second question is just too big. Can there be one defining moment of pride in one's life. If so, that is so sad. I couldn't think of one accomplishment I was most proud of. If I had a kid, I could have done the old cop out "the moment my daughter was born" or "when my son came into my life."

I won't say what I wrote for either question but for the latter, I wish I had written that the accomplishment I am most proud of is the first time I was able to cum. I know it sounds trite and base but it really was a watershed moment in my existence. No pun intended.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Show Me State Shows Ass Again
Fellow gays, don't be discouraged by the recent vote in Missouri to have a state constitutional ban on gay marriage. Change is slow and ardous. You cannot change people's views and prejudices over night or even over a decade. Keep fighting and speaking out for what is right. Don't forget that St. Louis was the site of the 1856 Dred Scott case. In that situation, a free born black man that was captured into slavery decided to sue his captor but was told he could not becuase the constitution didn't recognize him (a black man) as a full person or citizen but only as property. That was only 150 years ago and today we have two black men fighting for a seat in the senate in Illinois.
Stupid stupid rituals
I know that I have ranted on this before but it is sooooooooooo stupid how men will wait to let a woman pass in this day and age. Ever since I began working in the Sears Tower, I have been fascinated by how many men will block or hold up the flow of foot traffic to allow a woman to enter first or if I am in the back of the elevator, some guy will always hold me up so that he can allow all the women to get off the elevator first. Give me a fucking break. Some say it is treating women "like ladies" and "with respect." Don't believe the bullshit ladies. No one deserves to have the door held for them. No on deserves to be allowed to pass first. You deserve more money and real respect.