Monday, April 30, 2007

Snot True
I have spent three of the last four weeks ill. It seems that the flora of Southern California doesn't agree with my sinuses. Lacking health insurance, I ignored early symptoms which developed into a raging upper respiratory infection. Yummy. I am completely functional. I go to work. And I am able to control most of my symptoms for a six or seven hour stretch but I am fatigued constantly. And oh so full of phlegm.

My day consist of a morning sinus irrigation followed by a thorough gargle. I then take many tablets (Mucinex and Sudafed). I go to work where I pretend to care about pizza, pasta, and customer service. I come home. I watch TV, movies, Internet. I then do a nightly face irrigation followed by a gargle. I take my evening pills (Mucinex and Benadryl). And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

I watched 20/20 on Friday with Barbara Walters special report on transgendered children. It was so informative and thought provoking. I wish people could move past their ignorance, prejudices, and piety and learn to accept people for people. We have to get past our traditional Western beliefs about gender and sexuality. Although, it should be noted that gender and sexuality are two very separate ideas. This program proves that to me. These children aren't even sexually aware yet but they know that there is a gender disconnect between their genitalia and their self-perception. My heart goes out to anyone that has been born this way. It must be such a struggle. First there is the battle of the mind and body. And then there is the battle with the world. I think this will be the next civil rights issue in our country. We are moving away from the racism of the 50s and 60s. We are moving toward more acceptance of gay rights. Now, we have to protect and liberate the transgendered.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Transgender student runs for prom king - Yahoo! News

Good news of the day. Many of you know my great fascination with the transgendered. This is a great article about a transgendered student who runs for prom king. (courtesy of

Monday, April 16, 2007

Looking Back on When I Was a (Censored) Boy...
I'm going to save my Imus rant for another day. Anyone within the sound of my voice in LA has heard it for the last week. I am against censorship (even if it is offensive). But like I said, I am going save this for another day. The whole thing pisses me off.

Today, I am going to take the time to look back. Not very far back either. I want to look back to my last bit of time in the Windy City.

My last days in Chicago were, in a word, pathetic. Three more words. Overweight. Impoverished. Miserable.

Letting go of Chicago and moving on was so difficult for me. I wouldn't admit defeat. I knew that I had to get out but I wanted to leave a hero and not the sad clown that I felt I had become.

This is not to say that some wonderful things didn't happen to me in those last two or three sad years. I was happy of the success of my comedy duo Straight & Nappy. I loved being the "desperate housewife" with Steve and the dogs.

Both of those relationships ended.

One of them I still mourn.

Moving to Los Angeles was the best thing I have done in years. I have worked regularly since I have been here. I mostly work at my survival job but I have had a few small acting gigs since arriving only four short months ago. I have re-united with some long lost friends. And have met some cool new ones. I have also lost my pudgy middle.

"What pudgy middle?," you ask.

Well, one of my last paid gigs in Chicago was dancing in a music video for Mannheim Steamroller ( I told you I was impoverished).

The name of the video is "Creatures of the Night." If you have iTunes, I suggest you check out the dance instructional video for "Creatures of the Night." You don't have to buy it, just watch the preview and see if you don't spot a certain nappy headed ho in ill fitting clothes.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It is mid month so only two more weeks to get together the rent. Let Adam, Will, and Pearl explain what will happen if you don't.

What Is Wrong with US
`Kaffir Boy' banned from a middle school

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Friday!

NSFW unless you work at Cracker Barrel or Denny's.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Girl had suspected 'boyfriend' was woman - Yahoo! News

Speaking of Transgendered
This news item is genuine gender fuck: Girl had suspected 'boyfriend' was woman
Learning to Breathe Again
I've been sick for the last week and a half. Allergies. I am so in touch with my inner phlegm. I can breathe again, thankfully. There were a few days last week that I just wanted to die. I'm going to be tested next week to possibly become part of an allergy study. It means free meds and getting paid. Love it.

My brand new Epson Printer/Copier/Scanner just arrived today and I love it.

My roommate informed me that we are going to have a houseguest for the next three weeks and because of it, he is knocking $100 off my next month's rent. When I told him that he didn't need to do it, he insisted. So, I love that too.

Things at the Pizza Factory keep getting weird and annoying. I got a promotion to Take-Out about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Oh yeah, I have a master's degree and 20+ years of work experience and I am now good enough to work in Take-Out. Look out World! The job is not so bad. It's the bullshit that comes with working in a corporate franchise. There are rules for everything. There are standards about how far you can roll up your sleeves; what time you can phone in sick; and how many employees are allowed to sit together at one table. I just try to roll with it if I can. I recently addressed some other bullshit at the Pizza Factory. I was recently told by one of the managers that I come off as short to some of the employees (read: he doesn't like the way I talk to him like an equal) and I needed to work on my communications skills. I remember looking at him while he spoke to me like a I was the fry boy at McDonalds. "I want you to work on this. It's an issue." I wasn't sure if I thought this situation was weird was because I was ill and feeling funky. Or was the situation just "funked up." I wondered when Ashton Kutcher was going to jump out and tell me that I had been Punk'd. He never did.

Major announcement: The comedy duo of Straight & Nappy is over. Rebecca and I have decided not to continue our working relationship. It is a little sad but I'm actually quite relieved. It was a lot of work. My goal is to put that kind of ingenuity into my personal career. Below is one of my favorite Straight & Nappy characters in a scene that I loved. The character is named Dolores and she is transgendered. Her best friend Carl is also transgendered. I originally wrote the scene while watching the documentary series Transgeneration . The scene was later re-written but this is the earliest version.