Monday, October 31, 2005

Scary Weekend

The weekend began like any other except that I am totally stressed that I can't sleep. I awoke at 3:30 a.m. I tossed and turned for several minutes before I decided to just get up and start the day. The Chicago White Sox had just won the World Series and that was the only news that was available in Chicago. I decided that this would be a good morning to do some writing. I wrote and edited some material for Straight & Nappy's next show, Love indifferent that opens November 26.

I was up all ready so I decided to make Steve breakfast. I warned him of the madness that would be occurring right outside his office because of the Sox and then I was off to perform Schoolhouse Rock Live! at Drury Lane.

After a very focused show, I had a publicity shoot for Straight & Nappy's new show, Love Indifferent.

The week was finally done. After a trip to Denver followed by shows, rehearsals, and teaching, I was off until Monday. I was so excited.

I wanted an adventure...An urban adventure. I knew just where to find it. The Live Poultry Market on Western Avenue.

My grandfather, who passed away earlier this year, was a hunter. His favorite game was rabbits. He would go on trips and bring back several field rabbits that I would have to clean and dress. I suppose he was trying to teach me to be a man but I just saw it as an inconvenience. Skinning and gutting a living creature is never fun but that was the task I was given. I did it.

The live poultry market always made me want to explore the place more. I did. I asked Steve if he wanted an urban adventure and he did. We went to the Live Poultry market to find an animal to cook. It sounds complicated and it is. I mean the system is easy. You go in and choose the animal that you want the butcher to prepare for you. Steve and I decided on a rabbit. Little did we know that the rabbits would look like the Easter Bunny. Steve immediately became a pussy but I wanted stew and I wasn't turning back because the livestock looked cute in a cage. You can call me barbaric but...Hey, where do you think meat comes from?

I picked the rabbit that I wanted and the butchers killed and dressed it. We got the rabbit home and began to make rabbit stew.

What To Do This Halloween

I have plans to make my way to Boystown for the Lakeview Halloween parade but if you happen to be anywhere near New York City, I'd say the place to be would be the Orchid Lounge for their Connie Chung Look-A-Like Contest.

I'm off to work now but there will be a longer post this afternoon about my very spooky weekend.

Time For a Change

I changed my template so don't be alarmed. You are in the right place.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

News Flash: Gay Professional Athlete

WNBA Star Sheryl Swoopes Opens Up About Being Gay - New York Times. It's sad that this is news. She is a great player and I'm not sure why anyone cares about who she loves, sleeps with, etc. Sheryl, you're my sister and I support you. I might even start watching the WNBA. Right.

Was That His...

Robbie Williams has taken overexposure to another level. See for yourself and get more Robbie

Monday, October 24, 2005

I'll Be Back

Halloween., originally uploaded by mylilpip.

The big day is next week. Of course, I'm talking about Halloween and Orpheus couldn't be more Uptempo about it. I went to a great celebration. It was the 10th annual Horror party. LL Cool P and her massively attractive husband (along with Ya-Ya perennial Angie) were the hosts. There was laughter, door prizes, great short films, pretty good horror movies, way too much candy (I had such a sugar hangover) and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. P. McKenna were there (that's always good). Other Ya-Yas included Sarah, Warrior Quaker and the great Soybomb.

I took Steve and Iron Chef along as guests. Iron Chef was slightly intoxicated when we arrived but judging from the empty Miller High Life cans, no one could tell. After Steve and I dropped off a bubbly Iron Chef, we headed to Howard Street for some quick Jamaican food. We ended up at Jamaica Jerk.

I have to go to Denver for a couple of days. Business...Money...Work...blah, blah, blah.

I'll be back Wednesday.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that the Kansas Supreme Court rejected a law that allowed harsher punishments for gay sex. The bad news is that this is even an issue. And that you know that other states have similar laws and will fight tooth and nail to keep them.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

World Series? If You Say So

There is all kinds of excitement in Chicago because the Southsiders known as the White Sox have made it to the World Series for the first time in nearly 50 years. I could care less. This is one of the least important issues I could think of right now. It seems that millions of people disagree with me. Let me ask you this, since when is North America defined as the World?

I was raised in Peoria and most of what I know about professional baseball came through the WGN-TV broadcast of Cubs games. I remember listening and watching the late Harry Caray as he shouted "Holy Cow" at every game. I remember the first time I went to Wrigley Field and saw Caray lean from the window to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh innning stretch. Peoria even had (or has, I don't know) a Cubs minor league team. So, now there is all this White Sox Fever and I just can't catch it.

My friend and collaborator, Dre, decided he would help me out so he sent me this email today:

Ok so by now u Cubbies have crawled out of ur caves(it is hibernation season 4 u guys right) and seen the light emmiting from the South Side by a band of 25 guys called The White Stockings....i mean SOX!!!(hey its been a long time since weve been n something called a WORLD SERIES!!!) As the only 2 Cub fans i know i offer u both this once and a lifetime offer(callers r standing by) 2 join the fun and become temporary SOX Fans. I say temporary because i know the blood in ur veins is blue and u have both been programmed by TRIBCO 2 only see Cub. But we at the Cell take all that in 2 account and give u 4 this time only(Maybe next year when we repeat) The White Sox Temp Pass. With this pass u can join the rest of the world watch BASEBALL.(honestly im not sure what they call that thing they play at that toilet on the north side) Watch a manager manage games, watch HEALTHY pitchers pitch a whole game(thats 9innings), watch guys who know how 2 bunt(and know what BUNT means) and u get the pleasure of not watching Corry Patterson. That should be reason number one 4 getting this pass. Now i know that all of this sounds foreign 2 u guys, Baseball in October. Trust me im stiil finding it hard myself. But its true. So grab the rest of the drunken frat boy society and cheer on The GO GO WHITESOX! Hurry these things r selling out faster than Dusty can chew a toothpick.



Sorry Dre, while I will always root for the hometown, I will NOT jump on the bandwagon. I didn't care about the White Sox before and today is no different.

Monday, October 17, 2005

We've Been Reviewed

SRL! pic featuring Pip, George, and Miriam
Originally uploaded by mylilpip.

It's a rave. And I am mentioned. I feel so special. One single tear flows down my right cheek and drops on my desk. I rest my chin upon my hand and purposefully place my elbow on the salt-water droplet. My eyebrows lift as my eyes widen when my arm gives out from under me. My elbow hydroplanes across the desk making me appear dowdering and foolish. I contemplate my "gayness" in that mere blink that it takes for this event to happen. In light of the "Gay_guy_and_Judy" picture, I feel compelled to tell you that I wear a blue shirt in the show and not the bright pink one you see above. The fact that the shirt is pink is not really an indictment on my sexuality. Many straight men have been sporting the pink shirts for the last several years. Usually when I see a pink shirt these days, I'm thinking, "he likes him some ladies." So that doesn't quite out me. The issue is that I am fascinated by how the hue brings out some warm skin tones yet doesn't make my eyes pop as much as the dark blue. I know you can't tell it from this sadly posed picture but trust me. And that makes me quite gay...or quite vain. Ah Vanity, thy name is Pip. Chicago Tribune: Three decades later, feet still tap for `Schoolhouse Rock'

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Trentertainment

chowtime, originally uploaded by mylilpip.

Happy 37th to my buddy Trent who is currently in Korea. He is a A1 person and good guy. He let me stay in his apartment and use his car (free of charge) on my recent LA trip. Trent is a man of many talents. He has appeared on stage and in film. The photo above appeared in Hustler Magazine.

Friday, October 14, 2005

More from LA

Gay_guy_and_Judy, originally uploaded by mylilpip.

Here is a pic from the Sweet Home Illinois party I attended in LA. I didn't title this picture. The photographer, Robin Leach impersonator Tom Tully, did that. I love how he identifies me as Gay guy. At least I was in the picture. Hey, maybe that will be the title of a future Screenplay. I was able to get this photo courtesy of Joyce Sloane.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's Official: I'm a Desperate Housewife

It was about 11 months ago that I first met Steve. It was not love at first site. More like lust at first site. We met in the cyberworld at a gay sex site called Manhunt. You got to hand it to the gays. We know how to be direct and to the point. Anyway, we basically had a very casual relationship until this past spring when we put on some speed to become one of those people that move in together after a very brief courtship.

I have officially lived with Steve for about four months but in reality, I have been here more like six. So far...So good.

We make a pretty good team. He is crafty. I have "the flair." The dogs like me better but the neighbors like Steve better. He is young at heart and I am an old man waiting to bust out. He's in his 50s, I'm in my 30's. Again, so far...So good.

Lately though, I have been a little taken back by our domestic relationship. I'm not used to the role that I find myself in.

This past week has meant looking after the dogs by myself while juggling my "very busy career." I cleaned the refrigerator, water the plants, tended the garden, and did some minor fix-it work.

Yesterday, I spoke to our housekeeper, one Ms. "ess no prahbl-ehm" Josepha, about not touching my desk or doing laundry. And this very moment I am waiting for the carpet cleaner to come to clean some of the dog pee stains from before I even moved in here. I need to think about dinner and putting all the furniture back after the carpet cleaner leaves.

I really am a desperate housewife. Did I mention that later this week I'm making truffles? They're marijuana truffles but they are still truffles, for Christ sakes.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Willkommenes Heim Steve

Steve and Riley, originally uploaded by mylilpip.

Sorry to everyone that is not named Steve. My Steve has been in Germany for one week and I miss him...a lot. He's coming home today and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could always be happier. To the prove the point, I have an appointment at Bliss this afternoon for a facial. Facials make me happy. And massages.

I figure I should look great when Steve gets back so he won't go away again soon.

And Down At Fraggle Rock

Jerry Juhl, 67, Award-Winning Head Writer for Muppet Shows, Is Dead - New York Times

Saturday, October 08, 2005

More On Wilson

One of the best things about being in the entertainment business is the wonderful people that you get to meet along the way. Insightful directors, clever scenic artists, and brilliant writers are at the top of my list of people to meet. If you're one of the extraordinarily blessed, you may even get to work with them.

I was never fortunate enough to work with the great August Wilson (1945-2005). Although, I did appear as Sylvester, Ma's stuttering nephew and pet, in a Peoria production of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom back in 1991.

I met Mr. Wilson. Twice. The first time was in 1989. I'm guessing that date. It could be early 1990. I was in college and my professor gave a group of us tickets to see the opening of The Piano Lesson at the Goodman in Chicago. We all jumped in my car and sped the 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from Peoria to Chicago. We arrived at the the Goodman's old space next to the Art Institute just before curtain. We also arrived just as Mr. Wilson arrived. He quietly walked towards the auditorium doors. I quickly landed on him like a piece of lint to an afro. I shook his hands more times than was socially acceptable but he smiled and looked me straight in the eyes. He listened to me ramble about what a great honor it was to meet him and a what an inspiration he was to me as a theatre artist and on. And on. And on. He thanked me for my kind words and entered the theatre because the show was about to begin. Even though my seat was pretty far back, I had come as near to Nirvana as I had ever been in the theatre.

The second meeting was in Seattle. I was touring in Showboat. We were scheduled to do six weeks at The Paramount. We lived across the street at Tower 801. This would have been August/September 1997. The movie Soul Food was opening and I wanted to take in a matinee at a small mall. I had developed a movie habit that it stills controls me. I still drank coffee then so after I purchased my ticket I went to buy coffee at a shop. I noticed a familiar face sitting at a table as I approached the shop. It was indeed Mr. Wilson having a beverage and reading a paper. He was living there. I was older and more economical in my dialogue this time around. I told him that I hoped to work with him someday but I realize that day will never come.

Godspeed Mr. Wilson.

Special note: I actually saw Mr. Wilson one other time. It was outside the new Goodman Theatre around 2000. King Hedley II was at the new Goodman Theatre and I had a "survival job" as a receptionist at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. I saw Mr. Wilson standing outside the theatre talking to the director. I didn't want to interrupt so I didn't say anything. At the time, I remember I wanted to ask him for his address so I could send him a copy of one of my plays. If I could turn back time, I would have never wasted that moment. I would have sent him that play.

So This Is Halloween

I love Halloween. I always have. It's not for the decorations. Those frighten me a bit. Especially giant plastic spiders full of fall leaves...Get a life people. Watch TV. Sorry, I lost focus. Halloween. I love the costumes. And I love the darkness. And I love candy. In that order. Here is a darkly lovely animated short for the season called The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten

Passive Aggressive Happiness

If you are feeling neglected, forgotten, or unheard than contact the good people at By Accident. They will arrange for something bad to happen to you so that other's will feel sorry for you. On it's website you can read testimonials that will inspire and uplift such as "how rape changed Wendy's life." Link courtesy of WOW

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm Blessed

I'm not trying to get all religious-y on y'all but I was talking to a friend from home last night that reminded me of how far I really have come. Once upon a time, I was stuck in Peoria, IL feeling like the only college educated black fag actor in the city. Wait a minute, I was the only college educated black fag actor in the city, so I got the hell out. I have been so lucky to work as an actor, a writer, and a teacher in my field of study. Still, I have had many a crap job...MANY. I have had to do menial temp work and menial acting work but I have always worked. Once I did an industrial where I had to pretend to be a worker on strike because my chair wasn't comfortable enough. Another time, I had to pretend to be an underaged drinker in a chain restaraunt training video. All of these jobs sucked but all of them paid. And none of them were like this. I'm blessed.

Run, don't walk

If you have not seen the show Transgeneration then set your VCR, DVR, viewing habits so that you can watch it. It is the most interesting thing that I have ever seen on television...Ever. It follows the life of four transgendered college students (2 MTF and 2 FTM). The show is provocative, revealing and intimate portrait of a very misunderstood group of people. We see them as students, sons, daughters, friends, and assholes. It is very real and everytime I watch I find myself saying, "I have never seen anything like this. I just didn't know."

What Is Wrong With US?

Thanks to Owengal for alerting me to this link. I am so mad right now. The state of Indiana is proposing that only married women should be allowed to reproductive therapy. They also want to make sure that if a woman has a baby, other than through sexual intercourse, that they be punished. Check it out for yourself at Booman Tribune. And watch out for the Reproduction Police.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005