Monday, July 07, 2008

Farewell Bitches!

This is it Bitches! I have been too busy to update this blog regularly and so now it is time to shut it down.

Like my previous blog, "I'm Just Glad to Be Here", Utempo became more of a chore than a diversion which was my original intention. It seemed that my life required more of my attention than my public writing.

I'm going to miss leaving stupid videos and articles for us to muse. My favorite regular feature, "What's Wrong with U.S.?" will definitely be missed. I'm going to miss telling you about American Idol and my other reality shows but I'm sure you will manage without my two cents.

There are many great LA stories missing. There are my nipple rings that came and went in 9 months. There is the bi-polar, meth-addicted former roommate. There are the many temp assignments, including the one I am on currently at a popular cable network (HBO). There are all the wonderful "adventures in casting" stories at Frank TV. There are my appearances as an actor on the same show (look for me Tuesdays in November on TBS).

There is my re-obsession with the musical Rent. The joys and travails of being lactose-intolerant. And reclaiming my 20-something body. For those of you who have known me for a while, I am referring to the healthy, lean and tone body of my late 20s vs. the delicate, Calista Flockhartish look of my early 20s.

This is fun. Don't you love hearing about the things I didn't write? Like the Men and C-list celebs (and/or A-list hairstylists) that have made up my silly love life. Life with no car in Commuter City. And, of course, there are the great friends that I have been privileged to meet and know. These are the people that make life in LA well-worth the lack of good pizza.

So, I leave it. I may start another blog but who knows. There is no future, there is no past. I live this moment as my day but today.