Monday, April 16, 2007

Looking Back on When I Was a (Censored) Boy...
I'm going to save my Imus rant for another day. Anyone within the sound of my voice in LA has heard it for the last week. I am against censorship (even if it is offensive). But like I said, I am going save this for another day. The whole thing pisses me off.

Today, I am going to take the time to look back. Not very far back either. I want to look back to my last bit of time in the Windy City.

My last days in Chicago were, in a word, pathetic. Three more words. Overweight. Impoverished. Miserable.

Letting go of Chicago and moving on was so difficult for me. I wouldn't admit defeat. I knew that I had to get out but I wanted to leave a hero and not the sad clown that I felt I had become.

This is not to say that some wonderful things didn't happen to me in those last two or three sad years. I was happy of the success of my comedy duo Straight & Nappy. I loved being the "desperate housewife" with Steve and the dogs.

Both of those relationships ended.

One of them I still mourn.

Moving to Los Angeles was the best thing I have done in years. I have worked regularly since I have been here. I mostly work at my survival job but I have had a few small acting gigs since arriving only four short months ago. I have re-united with some long lost friends. And have met some cool new ones. I have also lost my pudgy middle.

"What pudgy middle?," you ask.

Well, one of my last paid gigs in Chicago was dancing in a music video for Mannheim Steamroller ( I told you I was impoverished).

The name of the video is "Creatures of the Night." If you have iTunes, I suggest you check out the dance instructional video for "Creatures of the Night." You don't have to buy it, just watch the preview and see if you don't spot a certain nappy headed ho in ill fitting clothes.

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