Thursday, May 03, 2007

Adrianne! Or Carbs Are Bad
Today was one of the first days that I didn't feel shitty because of my allergies. I still did my morning face irrigation but it seems to be less of a hassle each day. I arrived at the pizza factory tired but a bit early. Take-Out was immediately busy but our spirits were enlivened by free muffins courtesy of the manager of the Mrs. Beasley's downstairs. I didn't partake in the muffins because I am cutting back on carbs; five months of free pizza and pasta has taken its toll on my appetite. I cursed the back goods and went back to work. Several hours later a server knocked a loaf of bread off a shelf above me while I poured a peach lemonade for a guest. The The loaf landed on the bridge of my nose; skinning it and causing some minor bleeding. I played the drama of the moment but went back to work. Carbs always win.

My relief was fifteen minutes late getting in causing me to miss a call from my elusive brother Alan; he'll call again (in about a month).

At home, I jumped into the shower and cleansed the smell of BBQ chopped salad and Chicken Tequila fettuccine from my body. I then made my daily trip to the Rite-Aid two blocks from my house. Pringles were on sale. I couldn't resist. I also bought hair clippers. They were on sale for $19.99. When I got home, I realized that I had been charged $24.99. I honestly didn't want to make the two block trip back for $5.00. Then, I calculated that I worked five hours today. My hourly rate plus today's tips means that I made roughly $15 an hour. That means that it takes twenty minutes of me slinging pizzas to make $5.00. Surely it was worth a five minute walk back to the Rite-Aid. So, I walked back to the store to claim my five bucks. The whole return trip, including waiting in line again, took twenty-five minutes; five minutes longer than it took me to earn the $5.00 but I didn't have to wear a tie or offer free refills.

Back at home, I did laundry and made dinner. I ate while I watched Ugly Betty. Halfway into the program my lip began to tingle. I recognized the feeling. I was breaking out. I was getting a hive on my upper lip. I had know idea what caused the allergic reaction but it was happening. I went to the bathroom mirror and looked at my face. I had a swollen lip and a bruised nose. If I only had a black eye I could have re-enacted a scene from Rocky. I was the textbook image of a hot mess.

Breaking News
I am booking a trip to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend. I have to take care of some unresolved business and I miss my dogs.

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