Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't You Worry About a Thang
Haven't posted because I have been living versus dreaming for the last few weeks. The last week has been an especially industrious one. I made a vow to be more social. Life happens with others around you. The life that I live in my hermit existence is mostly fantastical and imaginary. I spend my time either watching "reality" on TV or creating some reality while I re-write sketches for the umpteenth time. The writing is going to continue but during the summer I'm only really watching So You Think You Can Dance and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. I would watch Doctor Who but part of the reason I loved that show so much is because I like to watch it with Steve. No Steve, no Who. It's pretty easy to back away from the TV.

Other amusements have been men. I was a little boy crazy for a second. I went to Chicago two months ago. I felt my singleness rise inside me when I returned. My body and mind declared it's independence. It demanded attention from men that found me desirable. I complied...A lot.
Today, I am in a Zen place. I make time to be social. I dine with friends. Go to parties. Watch great movies (Saving Marriage at Outfest) and not so great movies (Transformers). I am attending another Outfest documentary on Wednesday night called The Believers about a transgendered gospel group (I am not shitting you, I can't wait). The company of others has been balm on my weary social life. I find that it actually helps my writing tremendously. All that human interaction is good for the creative spirit. And when I have that connection with someone, my body and mind crave less attention from potential bed mates.

I just came from the writer's meeting on the National Lampoons project I've been writing. I love being part of a team. I love working with new talent. I love the process of watching creative minds work shit out. Especially if it is done professionally and as cool as I have experienced on this project. Yes, it is incredibly competitive. I am working with some great talent. But it is so rewarding. And I love getting to laugh at other people's stuff. Plus, I am working with a great director/head writer/producer.

My best friend Patchy and I once discussed a former writing partner of mine. His concern was that I was giving too much and receiving too little in return. He told me that I needed to write with someone that awed me. Someone that makes me think, "I can't believe they are even working with me." That conversation was in mid-March. I started working on Lampoons last month. Not bad, it only took three months from his proclamation to become reality.

I'm coming up on eight months in this new city. So far, so good. I'm back to my ideal weight. My confidence is assured. I am more social. I'm all into Chrisette Michele, my favorite new vocalist. My roommate and I continue to get along well. And I am preparing for my brother's wedding next spring. Yours truly will be officiating the ceremony. Life is good.

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