Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I quit smoking. I quit acting (mostly), and I quit my ex-life partner Steve. Now I might quit cussing. This could be more difficult than nicotine. See, even when I was a Bible-toting scripture spouting church boy, I loved to use profanity/swear/cuss. Now that I have accepted my life as a the world's best backslider, I cuss even more. Even my current desktop wallpaper pic (pictured left) is a joke about profanity. I have a Master's Degree so I like to think that my vocabulary is large and expansive. It's not but I like to think that. Despite the plethora of words I could choose, a cuss word will do the trick nearly every time. Just this past weekend, my friend Greg reprimanded me for using the word "sh*t" at least a dozen times in a twenty minute conversation. My response to Greg was, "go f*ck yourself you whiny little sh*t. Now let's go to Fatburger, that sh*t is good."

The city of South Pasadena will issue a no-cussing week proclamation beginning tomorrow night. All of this profanity free living is thanks to a 14 year old kid that started the No Cussing Club. A club which I could never be a true member but I'm willing to curb the cuss for a week. A week, shit, how hard could that be?

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