Monday, June 14, 2004

Ronald Reagan is Still Dead
I don't want to beat a dead horse (pun certainly not intended) but this Reagan mess goes on and on. Do you know how much it cost this nation to celebrate and bury that SOB? Here is an excerpt from an article on the Village Voice website

As campaign advertising, Reagan's funeral is unparalleled. A D.C. official told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday that the district had already incurred $2.3 million in expenses for employees in police, transit, public works, and other departments. While it's hard to gauge exactly what the week's events will cost the public, you can get a rough idea by looking at the cost to the government of shutting down for one day of snow: $66 million. The federal work force shuts down completely on Friday and was on liberal leave Wednesday, with people going home in the early afternoon. The L.A. Times noted that a day's payroll expense for the entire federal workforce is $423 million, and Friday's state holiday for the California government will run an estimated $58.9 million. And this doesn't include the costs to other local governments, not to mention the expense of hauling Reagan's body back and forth across the country on government planes—and other incidentals, such as the F-15 flyover during the procession to the Capitol.
Full article: Reagan is a Motherfucker

We still haven't even counted the advertising revenue that networks lost during the commercial free nationally televised event, the airfares for his family, security, and personal friends. Even in death theat...Motherfucker.

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