Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Moving On

My 37th birthday was last week. I know I've mentioned this before but I got so much mileage out of it this year, it was worth saying once more. I usually don't celebrate the big day. I often choose to wallow in self-pity but this year I had a lot of fun. I celebrated the damn day for over a week. Birthday activities started with an e-card from Soybomb (who celebrated her birthday on Sunday). This was followed by an actual card from LL Cool P.

The actual birthday was phone calls, emails, and cards from around the world (literally). The morning of the big day, I awoke to a cut out red heart and an iPod from Steve. Later that night, he made me dinner which was interrupted by one of his friends that I now officially dislike (I'll write that story later). Just because November 8th ended didn't mean that the celebrating was over. The cast of Schoolhouse Rock Live and I went to Mi Tierra for margaritas on Friday. We later joined by some of my sketch comedy buddies. Saturday afternoon was a trip to Chinatown with college friends, Steph (the singer) and Leigh (the sensitive lesbian), along with Leigh's partner (the ultra-sensitive lesbian). Chinatown was a day of good food, more drinks, and a trip to tackyville where I bought Soybomb's b-day gift.

That night, Soybomb and I continued our tradition of the joint birthday celebration by having dinner with friends at a Lincoln Square Italian joint. It was there that I presented her with a giant ceramic piggy bank. It was hideous and lovely at the same time. She loved it. The dinner was attended by some of the usual suspects, our Ya-Yas (Sarah and Angie), kick-ass flan maker Luis, Steve, as well as new friends like Keith (really not a new friend anymore but still seems like one, I don't know), Jessica, AJ, and Jay. My friend Tim also dropped by.

The celebration continued with more drinks and more belated well wishes up until yesterday. I think that eight days (eight is my lucky number) was long enough to celebrate 37. It is only fitting that the city of Chicago proclaimed the closing day of my birthday 'Julie Andrews Day' in Chicago.

I can't wait until I turn 40.

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