Monday, April 24, 2006

City of Big Pork Shoulders
Any Chicagoan worth his hot dog has heard of Moo & Oink. Even if you have never visited one of their south or west side stores, you might be familiar with their distinct jingle, "Moo & Oink, Moo-Moo-Moo and Oink." And their commercial tag, "Moooo-ooo-ooo & Oink!" Well, times are changing and the nearly 150 year old supplier of pork chops and heart disease is holding a contest for a new jingle. It seems like everyone wants in the game. This weekend I even heard an exclusive original commercial by fun pop cover band Detholz. Well good luck to all jinglists.

Speaking of the weekend, I had a great one. It all started around 11:30ish am on Friday. Neda and I arrived back in the city from our performance of the rock. We knew we would not see each other for another week because of our kooky performance schedule so we decided to continue our two week tradition of Friday lunch in Lakeview. Last week was all-you-can-eat fish and chips at Duke of Perth. This week was Thai at Joy's Noodles. When we arrived at Joy's I by chance ended up sitting about twelve inches to the right of very familiar face. Before I continue I want you to stop making 12 inch dick jokes. Trust me, I can't work with anything that big unless it is a ruler or garden tile to place near my tomato plants. Moving on. It seems this familiar face has been spotted a few times around Chi-town recently. I asked him if was working on a project and he reponded that he was just visiting a friend. That's actor talk for, "I'm trying to have a real life now, stay out of my shit." He, his lunch companion, Neda and I exchanged niceties and after they realized that we were actors too things were cool. Neda, a straight black woman, had never heard of Noah's Arc or the Logo network which airs the show. We all loved that. It was a great equalizer.

The rest of the weekend was Steve and I gardening; Steve and I going to the hardware store; followed by Steve and I partying .

We also had company on Saturday night/Sunday morn. Steve's best friend was in from NYC. He crashed at ours and Steve made us breakfast. We were joined by another friend Norton and fun was had by all. David told me about all the great New York shows he and his partner have recently seen. And the four of us browsed myspace profiles while laughing our asses off.

Sunday afternoon we went to a performance of 17th century music played on a trio of Viola Da Gambas. Thats right Bitches...I'm cultured like a motherfucker. This was a not a typical Sunday afternoon activity for me. We attended because one of the musicians is Iron Chef Gary's boyfriend, Craig.

Sunday night was quiet. We watched The Simpsons (yeah!) followed by the Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy clip shows (boo!).

Steve and I will get some more live music tonight when we attend the CD release party at Gunther Murphy's for my friends Quinn's Uncles. Quinn's Uncles is a duo of brothers. They sound "like the Foo Fighters and the Allman Brothers had a baby, and then forced said baby to listen to a lot of Bon Jovi..." I know them both from the rock. One is currently performing the show with us and the other has performed my role in the national tour. I've never heard them perform as Quinn's Uncle but I like both of them immensely. I'm sure it will be great. Maybe they should write a jingle for Moo & Oink.

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