Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Idol Chatter
Last night's show was miles ahead of the country fiasco last week. That is not to say that the program was great. It just didn't blow. This season has yet to have a great show. Being an old school Queen fan and an Anglophile, I enjoyed the theme. I grew up with Freddy Mercury killer vocals and always find it amazing that anyone would attempt the songs of Queen. Tonight the remaining eight American Idolites will do a Queen medley.

My favorite performance: Katherine and Elliot (tie)
Least favorite performance: Bucky
Who I think should go home: Bucky or Ace (tie)
Who I think America will pick: Ace
Dial prediction: Ace or Bucky

Looks like one of the blunder twins (Ace and Bucky) is turning in his mike tonight.

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