Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Driving While Enlightened
Sorry that I was gone so long but I was ever so busy. I was involved in a huge dance concert and I appeared in a music video. In addition to those two projects, I am also working on the script to my one man show and a screenplay for Straight & Nappy. Plus, I have the StoryBus.

Speaking of the StoryBus, I have a great story. The actual bus of the StoryBus is a 37 foot Winnebago that we drive to different sites. When we get there, we perform our story for the children and then take them aboard the Winnebago that houses the setting of the story they just heard. Here are pics so you can see just how cute this whole experience really is.

Last Wednesday, I had to drive the StoryBus to a north side location. It was a good visit with the salsa-rific children ever. As I was driving the cute vehicle back to its storage location I was cut off by a bad driver (Chicago is full of them). I almost hit him. I screeched on the brake trying to stop the 37 foot vehicle. I honked my horn as a warning. The guy who cut me off cursed at me and gave me an obscene gesture. Clutch the Pearls Honey. Can you imagine cursing at someone driving a vehicle with the Gingerbread Man on the side? For shame.

I got the RV back to its parking space in one piece but just barely. I was cut off by two more people and I passed a guy drinking a beer while driving. Jesus!

As I drove my own car (translate that to Steve's car) home I approached a four way stop. As I traveled northbound, I noticed a pudgy late middle-aged man on a bicycle going westbound. At the four way stop I noticed the pudgy cyclist speeding up. He was trying to speed through the intersection before me. He didn't make it. I had the right of way and I took it. The pudgy late middle-aged cyclist didn't like it. "Bitch Whore," the man yelled out to me. Unreal, I have just been called a Bitch Whore. I have been called both Bitch and whore before but never at the same time by the same person. I thought about stopping the car and playing the role of angry black man. I could lower my voice a couple of octaves and yell out "What did you call me Motherfucker?" but the upcoming light was green and I didn't want to miss it. The old dude was not worth it.

Moving on...Lliterally...I continued traveling north. About three blocks from the bicycle incident, I found myself behind a white convertible being driven by a serious multi-tasker. She was putting on make-up, talking on the phone, and looking in the glove compartment. Good Lord! At the point when she was looking in the glove box, she was only traveling ten miles per hours on a twenty-five mph street. Traffic in the opposing lane prevented me from passing her so I gave her a little toot of the horn. And she gave me the middle finger. What in the hell is wrong with the world? People can be so rude and selfish.

I took in all the traffic events of the day. The guys who cut me off, the cyclist, and now the "bird" lady made me think that I was a terrible person but only for a minute. I thought about how much power we give to people when we allow them to fuck up our day. Honestly, I was too tired to let it happen to me. I also thought about centurions (not from Battlestar Galatica but people that live to be 100 years old or older). Not that I want to live to be 100 years old but they have a lot of wisdom to share about life. When asked about their longevity most 100+ seniors say that they still drink, dance, and smoke cigars. Yes, they probably have genetics on their side but the big difference between them and us (besides the 50-80 years age difference) is that they never let things bother them. They are just cool headed mellow individuals.

Two blocks past the finger incident, "Bird"lady pulled into a McDonalds. As she turned and I passed her I gave her another toot of my horn. She looked in her rearview mirror and saw me blowing kisses at her. I don't think she liked it but it made me feel great. I laughed my ass off the rest of the way home. I'm sure she thought I was fucking with her but I was very serious. This situation needed some positivity. So, I spread the love.

So I suggest to all my friends and readers that if you find yourself cut off by an asshole driver; cursed by a boorish cyclist; or behind a rude driver simply spread some love and blow them kisses.

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  1. Obviously I'm just catching up on blog reading... So, OH MY GOD, I TOTALLY DO THAT!! The blowing kisses thing, I mean. Feels good, don't it?

    People always yammer about the driving issues out here in L.A., and I'm not saying they're wrong. But seriously, having driven a lot in both cities, I can say with certainty that Chicago is much worse. I almost lost my mind driving out there.

    Of course, we don't have the CTA or, uh, walking here, so I guess it evens out. :-)

    xo, LL