Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Plight of the Under-Employed

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Candy is the number one thing on my mind because on July 7th the Strangers With Candy Movie opens in Chicago. Ironically, I will be co-teaching a class that night with one of the Strangers With Candy cast members.

I am grateful to be teaching that night (and not just because I will be working with Greg) since work has gone from feast to famine very quickly. Steve and I returned from our fab vacation over 4 weeks ago and I worked and worked and worked. I finished my run of The Rock, taught a class, was featured as a comic actor in a dance recital, and appeared in a music video for Manheim Steamroller. Yeah, that's right Bitches, THE Manheim Steamroller, don't be jealous.

Things were looking good. I like to be busy. Even though I bitch about it daily when I am busy, I still like it. The more I have to do, the more I seem to get done. A tight schedule also clarifies my priorities. When I am busy, I am don't have time for bullshit or things that I really don't want to be bothered with so it easy for me to say no. When I am not busy, I say yes to just about anything because I don't have as many options.

These days when I get up my options are stay in bed and masterbate or get up and masturbate. Today, I chose get up...wait a minute...this discussion is getting way off center here. The point is that I need work. It is because of work that I feel justified to play. I can't enjoy my play if I don't feel like I earned it. Quit thinking about masturbation, I'm sorry I brought it up.

So, I am seeking temp work and writing. I have at least three projects that need to be written ASAP. I am also shooting a short film tomorrow. That's work plus there is always some chore around the house to do. So...Let me stop blabbing to you guys and get to work. See, my priorities are clarifying already.

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