Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gay Day
It is National Coming Out Day. My friends keep sending me messages that I should tell somebody about my sexuality. OK. Is there anyone left that doesn't know? Guess what world, Pip Lilly is a major faggot...signed Pip Lilly. Yes, I used the word faggot. I love it. I came out over 15 years ago now and that word doesn't hurt at all. I am a fag. I am a dance diva lovin', Project Runway watchin', man sex havin' fag. And I defy anyone to make me feel bad it about it. I love my life as an out gay male. And if you are gay, lesbian, or bi (like my gal LL Cool P) celebrate don't commiserate.

If you are really feeling gay, I suggest you listen to one of my favorite fag podcasts, Gay Pimpin' with Johnny McGovern (It's Fahhhhhhhhhhhhhbulous).

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