Sunday, February 11, 2007

It Never Rains In Southern California
I am so close to finding an apartment. It could be as soon as the end of this week. I found a potential roommate that already has a great place with beautiful furnishings. He and I got along well. I like him and he seems to enjoy me. I just have to get past two more interviews. One with the manager of his building and one with the owner of the building. It seems weird to me that I would even have to jump through these hoops since the tenant is the one subleasing the room but if it gets me four walls to call my own, I am completely game.

I went to a fun party last night at Chiz and Higgypiggy's place. It was a twisted V-Day party. I hate Valentine's Day so this was right up my alley. It was nice to be out and hanging with friends and I met some new people last night too. Of course, there were no brothahs or sistahs there but fun was had by all.

When the party ended, I rebuffed at least two offers for a ride home. My temporary couch was too far out of the way and I didn't want to be the "handicapped friend" without the car. I was walking distance from a bus stop that would take me four blocks from where I was staying. I insisted on walking to the bus stop and waiting for the bus. Little did I know that I would have to wait 90 minutes for the bus (not kidding). In the rain. And the cold. In fairness, I should say that it was Southern California cold and not Midwest cold. I wouldn't have been able to take that for an hour and a half.

The upside of my late night bus ride through Hollywood was when I spotted this famous singer. Earlier yesterday, I saw this singer downtown.

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