Thursday, February 01, 2007

What Is Wrong With US?
I haven't done an WIWWUS installment in a while but I have to question what is happening in our country regarding civil liberties. When South Africa allowed gay marriage, I was shocked. This is a country that once caused me to picket and boycott companies. Because of South Africa's egregious lack of basic human rights toward blacks I didn't drink Coca-Cola for years. Now, Israel is stepping up to do the right thing. Israel? The Middle East? One of the most conservative regions in the world is making us look bad.

We need to get it together America. I know the religious right believes that they are saving us from a wrathful God that hates fags but I got news for Jerry Falwell. Jesus was born and raised in Israel. And he never really hung out with religious people, zealots he called them. He hung out with outcasts and at least one known prostitute.

He would have never hung out with the religious right because while they follow his number one command, "Love the Lord thy God." They fail to follow rule number two, "Love thy neighbor as thy self." If marriage is good enough for you, it's good enough for me, neighbor.

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