Saturday, February 23, 2008


This week was certainly a week of loss. I'm moving on, slightly bruised but determined. It seems that change for me can only happen in dramatic grand gestures like this past week. And I accept it for what it is.

I am pleased to say that my week ended with me gaining rather than losing.

Last night, I attended my first social function in a week. It was a screening of two films by my film Trent at the Silent Movie Theatre.

Trent and I met in Chicago when we both auditioned for Second City. We actually became friends onstage during an improv scene and ramain friends to this day.

Trent began taking film classes late last year. He has done a great job with the short film assignments he has received. He has approached each like he was preparing for Sundance rather than a class where I imagine he is the oldest and most experienced entertainment professional. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be in one of them. This is a one minute excerpt of the film I was in. It is titled Hungry.

Believe it or not, Hungry is a silent film comedy. Trent needed/wanted a moment of poignancy to balance the comedy. He asked me to play a down and out homeless character. How ironic to view this film after the week I just had. If you want to see the whole film plus another great film titled "The Smelly Janitor" (my personal favorite), then check out Trent's website: I love his website title, because I made it up. Yes, some days, I am very clever.

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