Monday, August 09, 2004

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Pip Style)
The Amazing Race is the best reality show on TV in my opinion. It basically is several two-person teams racing around the world for a cash prize. It is adventurous and there is no pandering for the camera. The contestants have to stay focus or they will lose the race.

About three or four weeks ago my friend Paul S got turned on to The Amazing Race. I have been a fan season the first season. Paul asked me if I wanted to form a team. Well...of course I do. We had to download the application of the web and answer this personality profile, as well as provide photos, proof of passport and a 3 minute video.

The profile was fun. It was cool to answer such probing questions such as "what is your favorite movie?" or "How did you and your partner meet?" The most dificult questions to answer for me were "What is the biggest disappointment you have experienced from your teammate?" and "What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?" I really didn't know how to answer these questions. The first seems so personal and I try to shy away from that kind of stuff becuase when I do answer, I answer way too honestly. The second question is just too big. Can there be one defining moment of pride in one's life. If so, that is so sad. I couldn't think of one accomplishment I was most proud of. If I had a kid, I could have done the old cop out "the moment my daughter was born" or "when my son came into my life."

I won't say what I wrote for either question but for the latter, I wish I had written that the accomplishment I am most proud of is the first time I was able to cum. I know it sounds trite and base but it really was a watershed moment in my existence. No pun intended.

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