Thursday, September 22, 2005

Could I be the Black Martha Stewart?

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I won't lie. I love Martha Stewart. Hell, I'm the guy that just spent the last three days pickling and canning the last of my summertime vegetables (for more pics of my harvest click on the green tomato). I'm not a huge fan of Martha's daytime show because I think it is a mistake to put her in front of a live audience (who the fuck knows what could happen?) but I am watching it today nonethelesss. I just watched Martha do a crawfish boil with Liza Minnelli and Ben Vereen as they promoted their Broadway benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims. And there was the very gay caterer that made his original dessert. And, of course, there was the first contestant, excuse me, canidate eliminated from Martha Stewart: The Apprentice. Martha's Apprentice has been on for one episode and I am so in love. It is such a shame that it airs against America's Next Top Model. These are the only two shows with two openly gay men as regulars. Although the first gay man was thankfully let go last night on Martha's Apprentice (henceforth known as MAp). And from next week's teaser it looks like the other will jump ship voluntarily.

Why am I so fascinated with this woman? I'm really not sure. I hate "perfection." It is a state that one can strive to attain but almost never reach yet this woman does it for a living. She is as WASPy as they make them but I just dig her style.

If you didn't catch MAp, please watch next week. I love it. It is "goody-good-good."
Yes, Martha Fires Someone, but Pink Slip Is Scented - New York Times

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