Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mind over Body

Feeling really shitty today. It happens about twice a year. May and September. Allergy attack. My head is so congested and I feel really goofy but I can't stop. I still have so much shit to do. I have to learn some lines for a corporate gig, I have write new Straight & Nappy material, I have an audition, I still have to pick out my headshot photo, and the list goes on. I finshed those other sketches but I don't like them. I have decided to drop out of the project all together. I am a little overextended as it is. I honestly can't afford to take on anymore work.

Sick or not, I have to go to a voice over audition today. I called my agent's office and told them the scoop but they were like "get your sick black ass out of the bed and go make us some money." To which I replied, "Ok." Stupid. That's the showbiz.

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