Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back To Life

I have seen a lot of movies lately, the most recent being Munich, which can only mean one thing. I am heading toward a period of underemployment. SRL! closes this Saturday. Love Indifferent is already over.

It's all good. As an actor, I have learned to accept this down periods. It comes with the territory. The best part of the down time is that you get to normalize for a bit. You finally clean out that closet. You get to read a whole book in a few days versus a few weeks. I can play with the dogs and not be a crank.

Today, Christmas comes down. There will be no more fake gifts, fake trees, and real Christmas cards fanned about the place. Kwanzaa has begun but lets face it, I'm the only brother in this house...It's not going to happen here. New years? No firm decisions on that yet but if it is just Steve and I, I'm good with that too. Yeah, underemployment is not so bad...Unless you like money. If not, you go to movies and you worship the Great TV. It might just save your life.

PS - Munich is a must see. It is very violent but extremely good storytelling.

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