Saturday, December 17, 2005

Being a Cowboy Is So Gay

So, I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I have some issues with the pacing of the movie and some character development but it was a well made, beautifully shot, and well acted (Gyllenhaal aside) piece of cinema.

As a gay man, I really wanted to like this movie. Everyone said such great things about Philadelphia and I hated it. I wanted Brokeback Mountain to be more than just a film that makes middle America cry because gays are so tragic. This movie delivers. It is all about repression and how we choose to give up our personal liberty or freedoms. For these characters it was their sexuality but it could have been anything. Anything that brings us great joy but we set aside because of what others may think.

This article,Cowboys, Just Like in the Movie - New York Times, does a great job of bringing the gay point of the story home.

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