Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big News
I have been very unfaithful in posting lately. It is not that I don't have a lot to say or the time to say it. It is that I have something that is difficult for me to say. The best way to do it is just put it out there.

My partner Steve and I split up two weeks ago. If we were married, which we can't do (see below), the grounds would be "irreconcilable differences." There, that wasn't that bad. Although, it still hurts a little. Who am I kidding? It stings a lot. I refuse, however, to look at this situation as a crisis but rather as an opportunity.

I have been proclaiming my intentions to move to LA since 1986. For twenty years, I have talked about going into television comedy. The talk ends this year and the move begins in September. It is official. I am finally leaving the Midwest and I'm bound for California. Swimming pools, movie stars....

Steve and I will continue to live together for the next two months and then I'm making the second biggest move of my life.

What was the first move? Coming out of the closet.

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