Saturday, July 29, 2006

I read so many blogs that is dificult for me to read them all on a daily basis. Yesterday, I had an office temp job (isn't being an actor glamorous?) so I thought I would catch up with my blog reading. I was so infuriated when I read a post by Keith Boykin entitled Jody Watley Barred From Talking About Gay Games During Chicago Radio Interview This really makes my blood boil. I listen to V103 all the time but not anymore. I'm so over this kind of blatent homophobia and exclusionism displayed by the DJ and the station managers. If Jody had been performing at a major Urban (translate to Black or African American) event and a predominately white station barred her from mentioning know.

I don't know if you listen to V103 (home of the Tom Joyner Morning Show in Chicago, one of my favorite radio personalities) but if you do, STOP. Call them, write them, and email them to tell them why. And if you don't listen, call them, write them, and email them so that they know that this is not acceptable behavior anymore.

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