Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Doggin' It
Independence Day has come and gone. Steve and I smoked some meats (not a sex reference) and grilled some veggies. Even though they are one of my favorite foods, we didn't grill any hot dogs. I bought some from a great kosher sausage store in my hood. Their hot dogs are great. They have a great seasoning and a good old fashioned snap. When they give them to you, they are individually wrapped in cellophane. As frequent readers and friends know, I love my hot dogs. Not as much as this guy though.

The reason we didn't have hot dogs on the fourth is because of our activities on the 3rd with our friend Iron Chef Gary. Iron Chef Gary came over on Monday night and we proceeded to drink two bottles of champagne and many many vodka shots. When the 4th rolled around and the alcohol fumes dissipated Steve and I were not in a festive 4th of July mood. I did some writing (I have to write every day or I will never do it). And I mowed the lawn. Steve did some shop work.

When dinner time rolled around we pretty much ate the leftover smoked meats from the 3rd. I cooked up some red carrots in a wine reduction and made some boiled potatoes with garlic and olive oil. I know, not your typical 4th of July fare but it was delicious and we'll have hot dogs tonight. Maybe I will check out these organic hot dogs that everyone is talking about these days.

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