Friday, April 09, 2010

All I Really Want Is to Be Happy

It's Friday. It's sunny. My blood pressure is normal. And I'm happy.

Yesterday I spoke about the day my first nephew was born. Today I want to give a shout out to my youngest nephew BJ. I don't really have a great story about the day that BJ was born but I remember the day his dad was born very well. I shared that story at my brother's wedding which I officiated. It was awesome. You should have been there. BJ is brand new. He is only 5 months old. And I have never met him. I live in LA and his parents are in the Midwest. Since moving to LA I don't do cold anymore. Not on purpose at least. BJ and I can meet in the late spring/early summer. Of course, it doesn't really matter that I haven't met him yet. I love him anyway. And look at that face. Looks like happy runs in our family.

BTW, when I really need to feel happy this usually gets me there.

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