Monday, July 26, 2004

Boys will be Boys
I recently described myself as "undateable."  I don't know the rules of dating.  I don't get the rituals.  I hate the bullshit.  And I am not very patient.   I just want to meet someone and get to know them while they get to know me.  

I can be pretty intense sometimes.  I don't hold back if I feel I am not getting what I need, I say it.  But at the same time I am aware that the world doesn't revolve around me and a good partner/mate/boyfriend has a life of his own.

Not so long ago, I met this guy Blaine and I thought there would be something between us.  He called me often and I always got butterflies whenever he did.  Then he stopped calling.  He just stopped.  Then today, after not hearing from him for several days, I get an email.  Perhaps I am undateable because I pick guys that don't want to date.  I think I might be a serial loser date.

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