Sunday, November 14, 2004

I love the VH1 shows Motormouth and Bands Reunited.

Motormouth basically is a hidden camera show that films people singing and dancing (badly) inside SUVs with satellite radios. Hilarious. I love to watch people in real life singing in their cars. I love when you catch someone completely caught up in a song on their radio or cd player. As the music pulses, they can't help but to get, get, get on down.

Bands Reunited is brilliant. Reuniting bands from the 80s for one last performance for their fans. It is pretty cool. You could probably make a motion picture from the drama that builds as the host tries to reunite bandmates, some who have not spoken to each other in over 15 years. And at the end of it all is a concert by groups I remember like Information Society, Frankie Goes Hollywood, Klymaxx (saw in concert in 85), and Scandal.

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