Sunday, November 07, 2004

torches burning in the rain
I met someone recently. Truthfully I met him 4 years ago but I ran into him Wednesday night. Paul S and I were bummed about the election results. Paul was even more worked up because someone had stolen his car. Paul and I had a plan - - get drunk. Paul S and I headed to The Closet, an "L Word" type bar at Broadway/Buckingham. On the way, we listened to a street musician play the saxophone. It was soothing and somehow reassuring that everything was ok, even if just for tonight. At the Closet, Paul S ordered Gin and tonics and I ordered my standard Absolut on the rocks. After a couple of drinks a tall dark haired fair skinned man with a white turtle neck entered the bar. It was Thad (not real name).

Thad and I used to be neighbors when I lived in Ravenswood. We both frequented Scot's, a neighborhood friendly gay bar on Montrose/Wolcott. There was sexual tension between Thad and I then but I was in a fucked up head space and I just thought he was too young for me. There were also two short bad back to back relationships that prevented me from dating anyone. Thad was special and I almost gave in to his charm but I didn't. Then he vanished. He just disappeared without warning. He was gone for I'm not sure how long but he did return to Chicago. Another neighbor of ours gave me updates on Thad sightings. I ran into him a few times but it was always on public transit or someplace where we couldn't talk but here was now. 

It only took a a minute or two before I was lost in Thad's eyes and completely ignoring Paul S. Thad did some eye gazing as well. Needless to say, Paul S left and Thad and I spent some good quality time together. We eventually left the bar and ventured out into the cold and wet rain but to my surprise we ended up at Thad's place where we took the longest shower that I have ever experienced. It was wonderful. The hot water, the steam, Thad's skin, Thad's wet hair, Thad's eyes.

I don't mind admitting that I am very smitten with Thad. And I know that he cares very much for me or at least he too bears a torch. His torch is probably like a bic lighter while mine is burning like a bonfire. Nonetheless, I want more Thad.

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