Monday, November 22, 2004

I know several actors. I have been one myself for 20 years now. I can't believe it. The summer when I was 15, I got the lead in ANDROCLES AND THE LION. I was ecstatic just to have a role but I got the lead. It didn't occur to me that my role was larger than other cast members. I couldn't believe that I was being paid to act. It was so exciting. Those days of innocence are gone.

Today, however, a very kind actor by the name of Antoine McKay gave me just the biggest compliment today. I won't share it because it made me blush at the time. Frankly, I'm blushing now thinking about the incident. I have such a deep respect for him as a person and as a performer. This guy came to Chicago and has done so well for himself as an actor in just over a year's time. If anyone reading this gets a chance go to see him at The Second City while you can.

His compliment touched me so because it contained the same innocence that I felt when I was 15 playing a Commedia D'ell Arte character in a children's show that toured to Peoria area parks. Thanks Antoine. I will treasure the moment always.

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