Saturday, November 06, 2004

So here we are...I have not been able to write for the last two to three weeks. The first two weeks were due to technical difficulties but the last week had a lot to do with red and blue states. I purposedly remained detached during the final 10 days or so before the election. I only had one moment of political meltdown. The meltdown occurred early Monday evening as my teaching partner Gordy and I entered the red line subway station at Roosevelt. A young white woman saw Jordan's Nader button and asked him if he was going to write in Nader. Gordy was very excited to tell her that indeed he was writing in Ralph Nader for President on his ballot. The woman departed and I asked Gordy if he was seriously voting for Nader. He was. I couldn't resist giving Gordy my two cents about how voting for Nader in an election year where the two main contenders (George *shiver* W Bush and John Kerry) were so close it seemed a shame to toss your vote at a completely unelectable canidate. Gordy was very passionate about how he was voicing his choice and would not be deterred. He reminded me of how I was so upset with our political system in the events leading up to the Illinois Primaries. The way the system is set up now many low populated and "red" states basically determine the Dem and GOP candidates before I get an opportunity to cast a vote in Illinois. No one was really stumping for my vote in Illinois. More importantly, no one was addressing minority issues including the gay and black community which I belong to. Nobody except Al Sharpton. So even though I knew Sharpton couldn't win a national election and I didn't believe he was qualified for the job but I voted for him. I wanted to remind the other candidates that people are paying attention...and I don't regret it. I had to give it to Gordy...he had the right idea...even if your voice seems to be a tiny voice among the crazy din of the is still your voice and you may as well say what is truly on your mind..

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