Tuesday, August 30, 2005

From TV past to TV present and TV future
Apperently I am the only person in America still watching Situation Comedy. The show must not be doing so hot because they moved them from Tuesday night at 8 pm central/9 pm eastern to Fridays at 6 pm/7 pm. That time slot change can't have made the producers feel so great.

I love the show. It should be shown to anyone aspiring to be in the television industry. Better to know now rather than later. Get ready for the negative, ass-kissing, hysterical, pissing contest that is Hollywood. On the positive tip, you do see nearly the whole development process of putting up a television pilot. You see "the pitch," the network meetings, the casting, the design process, the tweaking, the runthroughs, and all the bullshit. Again, I love it.

It would be lovely if every show was put on television based on the quality of the product but that is not what television is about. It is about getting stars on a program so that the networks can sell advertising time. Entertainment is all a crapshoot. I can easily entertain myself watching my dogs but Ford can't sell you a car while I do that. Instead, someone comes up with an idea where two families have a dog live with them and we get to see which home is best for the dog. While we wait for the drama to play out, Eukanuba sells you expensive dog food.

I will continue to watch the TV. I am insanely excited about the new fall season. And when I say insane, I mean like I should be medicated because I need some new TV. I need my Everybody Hates Chris, I want to see Martha's new show, I want more America's Next Top Model, Give me more Amazing Race, more Project Runway (thank you Bernard for turning me on to this), I could do this for hours.

Until the new shows come, I still have my Situation Comedy which ends this week. I watched the presentation of the two shows and voted. Which would you choose?

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  1. Thanks for finding the show Uptempo Orpheus! I know it's hard on Friday nights, unless you were part of the Early Bird Special crowd.

    Don't forget to tell all your viewers to vote every day -- until Friday, Sept. 2nd, at midnight.

    Keep the votes and viewers coming!

    Mark Treitel