Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Headshot Choices

James Banasiak, Photographer, originally uploaded by mylilpip.

I had such a great time at my photoshoot the other day. The morning started out a little tense. Steve didn't sleep very well the night before due to my tossing and turning in preparation for facing the one-eyed monster (get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about the camera). Turns out there was nothing to fear.

When I got up on Monday, I had my usual cup of tea followed by a Vicodin. The Vicodin helped...A lot, after it got into my system, I took a long bath, gave myself a facial and pressed my clothes for the shoot.

My friend Stephanie came over for a quick lunch. Stephanie and I have come up with a great way to deal with the stress of being busy as a famous celebrity without actually being famous--you need an assistant. We have started our own assistant exchange program. She assisted me all day Monday for my photoshoot and I will be her personal assistant on some future date. It was a lot of fun (and the Vicodin helped).

We made our way to James', the photographer, studio. James turned out to be a really great person. He immediately made me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. He offered me water, juice, and liquor. Yeah! We love James. Stephanie REALLY loved James. I have to admit that James is a total hottie and Stephanie was drooling from the minute we walked into the door. Hilarious. The studio is located in the Rush/Division area of Chicago near where Stephanie performs at Jilly's tonight and every Wednesday night. "I sing right down there," She mentioned at least half a dozen time followed by a coy giggle. Again, I say Hilarious.

My make-up artist, Angela, was also a dream. She did a solid job and worked very quickly. She also put me at ease and was a lot of fun to be with for hours and hours.

I brought along a posse with me to the shoot. Originally it was going to just be Stephanie to keep me calm. You are supposed to be energetic but not nervous during photoshoots (like performing) but it does just not seem normal to have your picture taken all day long. So, Steve and Iron Chef dropped by the studio too.

I burned a two CDs for the shoot and we listened to them while we drank, laughed, and took pictures. My photoshoot went from 1 pm to 6 pm but it was totally worth it. I have so many great shots to choose from. I can't wait to show these to my agent.


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  2. Riley,

    You're a freak, a freak of nature but I love you.

  3. Pip!
    I object - was I really giggling coyly? God I hope not. I admit to sweating like a toilet tank in the summertime and desperately wishing I had worn makeup. Or combed my hair. Or had on decent clothes. Or anything - something! James, if you ever read this, just know you have an immediate rebound relationship ready and waiting as soon as you feel moved to dump your gorgeous, presumably intelligent, sensitive, caring and charming girlfriend.

    And Pip, I had a blast and thanks for dinner. So begins the Assistant Exchange Program.