Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Peasant of All Media
Move over Kathy Griffin there is new D-lister heading your way. I have always thought of myself as the most famous un-famous person in the world. Hardly a week goes by that I don't see my picture somewhere. It could be in a newspaper, magazine, on-line, a video, an online video, a movie, a postcard, or a brochure. Yet no one knows who the hell I am. It is been like this for me for a long time. I can't help it that I'm so fancy. In an effort to be cutting edge and progressive I am appearing on one of the newest media sensations, a podcast.

Sunday I was a guest on We'll Be Right Back , a podcast hosted by the fabulous Ms. Ruby Streak. For nearly 30 years, Ruby has been a musical director at Second City. She has worked with everybody including Bonnie Hunt, Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Mike Meyers, etc.

The thing that makes Ruby great is that her job requires that you don't notice her. She sits in the corner and makes the people on stage look good. She takes a laugh line and enhances it with texture and atmosphere. She is a true artist and I'm glad to know her. And If you will allow me to brag, I worked with her too.

It was a special honor to be on the show since I subscribe to the podcast and listen to it religiously. I also subscribe to Tim Gunn's Project Runway podcast, iO to Go Podcast, NPR's Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me podcast, Feast of Fools, and Gay Pimpin' with Johnny McGovern. But it is Ruby and her sideckick She and her sidekick Jarret that I love. Probably because I actually know them and they are good people in my book so I support them.

Listen to me on the podcast with Ruby. I am brutally honest and kind of funny. You can download it from the Second City website or on iTunes later today.

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