Friday, August 25, 2006

What Is Wrong With US: Weekend Watch
Feeling ashamed of your sexuality? Want to fit in even if it makes you miserable? Then make your way to Vista Ridge Baptist Church in Carrollton, TX this weekend for an old fashioned Exodus event. And no, an Exodus event is not a festive and dramatic biblical re-enactment. It is a chance for former sausage suckers to claim that god has "restored" them and now they love boobies. Organizations, like Truth Wins Out, sponsor these events in order to "save" other gays. And lesbians. God hates them too...Or hates them more I can't remember.

I, woefully, will not be attending the event. As I will be having a lot gay sex. Someone send me a postcard with the inscription: Event Cancelled. Bigots go home to mind their own beeswax. Ex-gays are gay again and proud of who they are. Wish you were here.

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