Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Post 1

-- This blog is a replacement for my blog titled "I'm just glad to be here." I may one day resume writing that blog but for now this is where I need to be. My last blog was about my day to day business as a struggling actor and gay man in Chicago. This blog will feature similar stories about auditions, jobs, classes, etc. but I hope it will be a little more personal. My attitude has changed quite considerably over the last three years. I'm not just happy to be anywhere. I would have to say that my attitude is much darker but grounded.

I have spent the last three years working at The Second City in Chicago. I am a member of the national touring company. It is a great job if you don't like money very much. I suppose it wouldn't be such a big deal to me if I hadn't already had a couple of great acting jobs that play very well. What I don't receive in money, I receive in on-the-job training. It is the best acting job I ever had from that perspective. I have polished my comic timing and I have had the opportunity to write my own material. My director will often let me stage any musical numbers we perform (a job I find highly enjoyable). My company is preparing to go to Vienna, AUSTRIA in January 2004. I look forward to that. We are putting the show together now. Things are looking good but I can't help but I am a natural worrier so, I have some concerns. Being a bit of workaholic (not to mention my enormous ego), I like doing as much as I can on a show. If I could, I would be in every scene (not always as a featured player, I have had a lot of fun with no lines or just as a walk on).

Part II
Right now, I am covered in cat hair. I am cat-sitting for my friend Paul S. Paul S has two cats and the sweetest one is named Ruby. Ruby is adorable but she sheds like a 22 year old at a circuit party. She is loving though.

I need to say something special about an old friend of mine, Heidi Fagan. Heidi, I love you. The chocolates that you sent me for Christmas made me laugh and cry at the same time. It was such an unexpected and great act of kindness on your part. I love you. Those chocolates are my favorite gift of 2003. My best of Yma Sumac CD from Dawn Greer is #2.