Monday, February 02, 2004

This is my third attempt to do this during my rehearsal. Let me see how far I can get.

Randomness of Life
I saw Janet Jackson's tit on tv during the superbowl halftime show. I have no interest in the game of football. I just don't care. Some people say if you don't like something it is becuase you don't understand it but this is far from true when it comes to the subject of football. I know quite a bit about the game. More than I care to know because at the end of the day, it is a long and boring sport. Ansd all that tackling is just juvenille and base. Why don't we just have a contest where we just hit each other with sticks. Well, While the world was transfixed to kooky comercials and a stupid game on CBS, I was watching fag TV over on NBC. I did change over to view the half time show and what a show. Kid Rock, Justin T, and Janet's tit, what else do I need?

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