Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Right now I am on the set of an industrial video shoot for some insurance company. I was just upgraded from extra to a 5 and under (that's right baby, I'm moving on up and I get $50 extra). Last night I had a performance at Second City. I have to admit. I love to work.

Last night, our show was sooooo good. I enjoyed performing the show and I think our cast did a fab job. Maybe I am getting sentimental because I only have two weeks left of touring but I am really proud of my cast. The audience seemed to love us last night too. I have to admit the night ended very bittersweetly. Three weeks or so ago, I asked someone out at Second City. His name is Brian and he is tall, funny, and good looking. When I asked him out initially, he said, "no." I was disappointed but not distraught. I felt great that I had asked someone out. I never seem to do that. For some reason or another I did it again. I asked Brian out again. And again he said, "no." What was I thinking? I was heartbroken last night. After the applause and the bows, I went home feeling sad. Ironically, Brian was chosen to replace me in the national touring company. I just had a thought, I wonder if I asked Brian out again because he said no before and I am glutton for punishment or because I want to date my replacement which is in essence, dating myself. Now there is an idea that will blow your mind.

Is that it? Do we just want to date ourselves? Is my perfect mate, me?

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