Thursday, May 13, 2004

Idol Chatter
Okay, bad choice America. Really bad choice. LaToya London was my number one pic from the final 32 shows I remember how great she looked. She had poise; she dressed great; and a flawless sound. When the final 12 was assembled, she was my star pic and Jennifer Hudson was my heart pic. (NOTE:they never really showed LaToya in the preliminaries but they showed Jennifer a lot and I loved her). Around week 3 or 4, I was temping at the Big Ad Agency, I was discussing the Idol with one of the employees of the Big Ad Agency and he was disgusted that I wasn't a huge Fantasia Barrini fan. I vowed to give Fantasia another once over and that is when I fell in love with Fantasia. I can't believe that LaToya would finish anywhere below second place but I don't worry for her. Like Hudson, she will probably get a better recording contract then one that the Idol offers.

Other Idol Notes
Let me preface this by saying that I love Donna Summer but last night she looked like a line backer in a wig. That suit was unflattering and that wig...that wig has had its last dance (I hope).

Jasmine Trias is not white
For those of you Black people that are out there saying that Idol is racist, get over it. The winners are chosen by vote. I don't understand why people choose who they choose. I have heard people say that they don't like Fantasia because she is too sassy when she gets her critique. Hey, I think that is a stupid reason not to vote for her but this is America and they have the right to believe what they want, even if it is stupid.

PS Black America, Jasmine Trias is Hawaiian. Not white. Stop showing your ignorance by calling her white.

Today is the birthday of three distinguished men I love:
Armistead Maupin, Stevie Wonder, and Bea Arthur.

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