Thursday, May 20, 2004

Petty Shit
I love the idea of chivalry BUT.....many of the customs are so out-dated and not useful in present day society. I have noticed in the 4 weeks that I have worked in the Sears Tower that women are offended if you don't let them exit the elevator first. In this day and age that women are fighting to be equals, somethings need to give. It seems to me that customs such as allowing a lady to go before you is another heterosexual rite. As a gay man, the whole idea is stupid to me. I am not trying to bed any woman (although I would love to have a sleepover with Tina Fey). I have deadline and schedules to keep. So many times I have allowed some woman to exit before me only to have her walk at the slowest pace possible in front of me. when I am ready to go -- I am ready to go.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls is a great movie. I actually laughed out loud several times. Mean Girls receives two big ups from me.

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