Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Big thanks to my pal, Mad Diva T, for filling in for me while I was on the great big little isle of Manhattan.

I was there on doing "corporate theatre" business. Basically, I had to perform and then give a workshop to a certain on-line media network's sales associates. Everything went smoothly for the most part with the exception of a few botched called times (they were too early)

I love to visit NYC. I have considered moving there more than once but I have just never really had the hard drive to make it happen. Some of my friends are doing great and on their way to being legitimate Broadway stars while I churn away my comedy shows in the Windy City.
SHAMELESS PLUG: Boojie Nights starts at 8 pm next Wednesday at the Improv Olympic, 3541 N Clark Street, tickets are $8.

This particular trip to New York was short and mostly business so I couldn't visit as many of my friends as I would have liked. I did, however, get to see two of my favorite New Yorkers. One is my best friend Patchy and the other is my college chum Jen.

I arrived at LaGuardia on Sunday. My accommodations were at the Waldorf-Astoria, an over-rated but historical hotel. I avoided all things related to Gay pride in Chicago but Patchy and I ended up in the middle of post NY Pride on Sunday (that's what we get for going into the village). It was such a treat for me to see so many black gay men. I saw more black gay men Sunday night than I have seen collectively my entire life. The whole experience was empowering for me.

Patchy (a gay Jew that lives in Brooklyn Heights) and I walked around Manhattan until 1 or 2 in the morning. We talked and caught up. He went into a bunch of bullshit on why he questions my moving in with Steve so soon (this conversation deserves it's own entry so stay tuned). We also took time to see a portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt displayed at Saks 5th Avenue. The display includes the very first panel (which was dedicated to Marvin Feldman).

My college chum Jen and I hung out on Monday night. I enjoyed her so much. She and I went for sushi in Hell's Kitchen, excuse me, Clinton (whatever). The sushi was delicious and cheap and it was the very first time that I was not surrounded by tourists and out of towners. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was a visitor myself but I always think of myself as a world citizen. I am at home nearly everywhere. And if I have been to a city more than once or twice...Forget about it. We were later joined by her great partner Mike. Mike and Jen are both behind-the-scenes theatre folk. They work more than any actors I know but no one in the public will ever know their names. They are top notch friends too. Even though I was taking antibiotics for my skin infection, I still had a bit of sake and one beer with Mike and Jen. They are supremely good people.

My last day in New York was a long one. My call was at 7:30 am and because of a last minute scheduling decision, my colleagues and I were sitting around for nearly two hours before we went on....Boo! Jeer! Hiss! The afternoon consisted of our respective workshops that we taught and those went fine but we finished at 5 pm and had to rush out of Mid-town to LaGuardia.

Upon arrival at LaGuardia, we found out that our flight was delayed. No one likes delays but this one seemed painfully long. In reality we were delayed by 2 1/2 hours but it seemed like an eternity.

I finally arrived late last night, safe and sound with my man. Steve and I have been living together officially for two weeks now but my trip just goes to show you that home is where the heart is. I missed him so much and I was glad to see him when I returned to Chicago.

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