Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tired..more tired and hot.

I'm back!!! Our friend is traveling the country...not much going on in my world...I moved this weekend, first official place with my husband that is OURS!!! Its cozy and the decorating is coming along nicely. We did get to keep our dog. She's a big girl and I was afraid that the complex wouldn't "like" her. She's a sweetie and a baby...It was hotter than hot to be moving. I nearly melted away..which probably wouldn't hurt, since I ain't no little girl.

I read an article which I WON"T post it was about a boy that molested 2 girls and "raped" a dog (unfortunately the dog died). I couldn't even read the whole thing. It was sad and very sick. I know his parents should be shamed. Whether the whole world knows that you are sick in the head your parents should, no questions asked. How many times have you been upset, your mom calls and you "try to act happy" b/c you don't want to tell her what's wrong. Lo' and behold she hears it in your voice and says "what's wrong" ....Momma's KNOW everything...they are naturally NOSEY...where were his parents?? Anyway I digress on that...it was just toooooo much.

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