Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bit by Bit

Today was a day off. I had this date on hold for a teaching residency at a west side elementary school. They didn't need us today so I got to sleep late. The best part about sleeping late is when the dogs hop in bed with me. Riley, a springer spaniel mix, is the first to jump out and lounge in the spot that Steve occupied before he tore off to work.

A day off starts with a leisurely cup of black tea with cream and sugar. I was given the task of watering the lawn today. Steve asked me to water each section for about an hour each. I faithfully executed my duties as sprinkler wench for most of the afternoon.

During the moments when I wasn't splashing in the water, I did some work trying to find information. I wanted to know how to properly trim a sage bush. I need to quickly learn the proper techniques of using a pasta machine so that I can knead and cut the dough that one of our guests made for us over the weekend.

I also did some garden maintenance. I plucked dead flowers off their stems in order to produce more flowers form the plants. I planted some pepper plants in pots. One large pot is in the garden and a smaller one is on the deck situated in a cute red tube with an ivy and a slate garden that I built. Life is good.

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