Monday, October 24, 2005

I'll Be Back

Halloween., originally uploaded by mylilpip.

The big day is next week. Of course, I'm talking about Halloween and Orpheus couldn't be more Uptempo about it. I went to a great celebration. It was the 10th annual Horror party. LL Cool P and her massively attractive husband (along with Ya-Ya perennial Angie) were the hosts. There was laughter, door prizes, great short films, pretty good horror movies, way too much candy (I had such a sugar hangover) and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. P. McKenna were there (that's always good). Other Ya-Yas included Sarah, Warrior Quaker and the great Soybomb.

I took Steve and Iron Chef along as guests. Iron Chef was slightly intoxicated when we arrived but judging from the empty Miller High Life cans, no one could tell. After Steve and I dropped off a bubbly Iron Chef, we headed to Howard Street for some quick Jamaican food. We ended up at Jamaica Jerk.

I have to go to Denver for a couple of days. Business...Money...Work...blah, blah, blah.

I'll be back Wednesday.

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  1. We were massively pleased to have you, Steve, and the Drunken Master at the Horror Party! (And I know my husband appreciates the shout-out... He IS cute, isn't he??)

    --Cool P