Monday, October 17, 2005

We've Been Reviewed

SRL! pic featuring Pip, George, and Miriam
Originally uploaded by mylilpip.

It's a rave. And I am mentioned. I feel so special. One single tear flows down my right cheek and drops on my desk. I rest my chin upon my hand and purposefully place my elbow on the salt-water droplet. My eyebrows lift as my eyes widen when my arm gives out from under me. My elbow hydroplanes across the desk making me appear dowdering and foolish. I contemplate my "gayness" in that mere blink that it takes for this event to happen. In light of the "Gay_guy_and_Judy" picture, I feel compelled to tell you that I wear a blue shirt in the show and not the bright pink one you see above. The fact that the shirt is pink is not really an indictment on my sexuality. Many straight men have been sporting the pink shirts for the last several years. Usually when I see a pink shirt these days, I'm thinking, "he likes him some ladies." So that doesn't quite out me. The issue is that I am fascinated by how the hue brings out some warm skin tones yet doesn't make my eyes pop as much as the dark blue. I know you can't tell it from this sadly posed picture but trust me. And that makes me quite gay...or quite vain. Ah Vanity, thy name is Pip. Chicago Tribune: Three decades later, feet still tap for `Schoolhouse Rock'

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