Monday, October 31, 2005

Scary Weekend

The weekend began like any other except that I am totally stressed that I can't sleep. I awoke at 3:30 a.m. I tossed and turned for several minutes before I decided to just get up and start the day. The Chicago White Sox had just won the World Series and that was the only news that was available in Chicago. I decided that this would be a good morning to do some writing. I wrote and edited some material for Straight & Nappy's next show, Love indifferent that opens November 26.

I was up all ready so I decided to make Steve breakfast. I warned him of the madness that would be occurring right outside his office because of the Sox and then I was off to perform Schoolhouse Rock Live! at Drury Lane.

After a very focused show, I had a publicity shoot for Straight & Nappy's new show, Love Indifferent.

The week was finally done. After a trip to Denver followed by shows, rehearsals, and teaching, I was off until Monday. I was so excited.

I wanted an adventure...An urban adventure. I knew just where to find it. The Live Poultry Market on Western Avenue.

My grandfather, who passed away earlier this year, was a hunter. His favorite game was rabbits. He would go on trips and bring back several field rabbits that I would have to clean and dress. I suppose he was trying to teach me to be a man but I just saw it as an inconvenience. Skinning and gutting a living creature is never fun but that was the task I was given. I did it.

The live poultry market always made me want to explore the place more. I did. I asked Steve if he wanted an urban adventure and he did. We went to the Live Poultry market to find an animal to cook. It sounds complicated and it is. I mean the system is easy. You go in and choose the animal that you want the butcher to prepare for you. Steve and I decided on a rabbit. Little did we know that the rabbits would look like the Easter Bunny. Steve immediately became a pussy but I wanted stew and I wasn't turning back because the livestock looked cute in a cage. You can call me barbaric but...Hey, where do you think meat comes from?

I picked the rabbit that I wanted and the butchers killed and dressed it. We got the rabbit home and began to make rabbit stew.

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  1. The suspense is killing me... did the rabbit come back for revenge?